Friday, March 02, 2007

More about Flyleaf

Flyleaf is really making some noise in the music world, both Christian and Mainstream. I am so glad they do not slam on the "secular" rock scene like a lot of folks do. This is their ministry and you'll be able to tell that after you hear what they have to say in this article. I love the fact that they tour with bands like Korn, Disturbed, Staind and other heavy rock bands that a lot of legalists think are evil. They are great witnesses to these bands and seeds are being planted. I am so glad we were able to see them in such a small venue recently. Now I can't wait for their next CD to come out.

Here is a brief excerpt from the article that I loved.

Though Flyleaf’s sales have been respectable in the Christian marketplace, and its influence is being felt throughout the scene, the band has spent much more time in the general market all along. In fact, while Flyleaf enjoys the worship environment and spiritual uplift of events such as “Acquire the Fire,” it can sometimes be disorienting to be around so many Christians.

“I so love when believers get together that way,” Mosley tells CCM via phone following a stadium-sized Acquire the Fire event in Texas, “And I love that they want to reach the youth because somebody has to! But the way they speak is not the way most of the people who come to our shows speak.”

Mosley explains that the change of gears from a mainstream rock tour to a Christian youth event takes a conscious effort, but they are glad to do it. “When the worship comes, all that is just kicked out the window and there’s no criticism at all; it’s just God. Everybody’s on the same page, and everybody wants to see His face. Everybody’s hungry. No matter how spiritually sound you are or how spiritually messed up you are, everybody wants to see Jesus because we’re all sinners, and, in that moment, we’re all the same and we are all being loved. That’s the most beautiful thing. It happens between our band members on the bus, too.” Mosley’s hard-won experience with the more extreme elements of modern youth culture has bred in her a real passion for relevance. “I want Christians to be aware of the kids we see who need to be spoken to at their level, not in religious words that they don’t [understand].”

check out the entire article here


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