Sunday, April 01, 2007

Giving to the needy

I had an awesome time Saturday morning. I went with some Amadeo folks and we headed out to a trailer park in Queen Creek to hand out bags of groceries to this needy neighborhood. The people living there were predominantly hispanic, but we had two spanish speaking people with us. Also included in the bag of groceries was a flyer about Amadeo and why we were doing this. It was printed in English on one side and spanish on the other so it didn't really matter if you spoke spanish or not. I would just pull out the flyer and show them the side printed in spanish and it was all good man!

Two things stood out for me during the hour we were going door to door. I approached one trailer where two little girls answered the door and then their mother was right behind them. She spoke english and I told her what we were doing and who I was with. Most of us had on our Amadeo Church T-shirts anyhow. This kind lady told me that maybe we should take it to other trailers because she knew that there were people in the trailer park that were much needier than her family. How cool is that? I gave her the bag of groceries anyhow and she accepted them after I told her we had more than enough.

The second thing that was awesome was when I approached another trailer and a young father was outside working on his car with his young son watching him. The boy was probably about 10 years old I would guess. They spoke great english and I told them what we were doing. The father took the groceries into the trailer and the young boy asked me if he could help us deliver groceries. I told him to ask his father first but his father must have said no because he never came back out. We were strangers though to them and the father was only protecting his boy I am sure. But how cool is that that this young boy wanted to help us?

One area of the trailer park had raw sewage flowing through the street and the smell was nauseating. Ben thought that maybe we could help them build a septic system. Hey, I'm all for that.

We are going to visit this trailer park monthly now and establish relationships with these people. We were even able to pray for a few people. One of the things we would ask after giving them the groceries was if we could pray for anything for them. we aren't necessarily wanting them to come attend our church although they are very welcome. We just want to love them and bless them because they live in the community with us. We want to show them what God's Kingdom is really about.

Saturday night Patty, her sister, and myself went out and saw the Sprint Cars in action at Manzanita Speedway on the half-mile track. What a show those guys put on. That has to be some of the most exciting racing to go see live.

Then we went to Amadeo for church this morning and I was blessed man. I told Robert about a family problem I was dealing with and he just offered some very great words of advice to me and spoke to me and prayed with me about the situation. Thanks man! You rawk Dr. Howard!

Back to the grind tomorrow but I get to go out to the field tomorrow and Tuesday to do some inspections at some of my coop sites. Looks like I will be heading up to Globe tomorrow and hit Punkin Center on the way back. Then Tuesday head out to Carefree. Wednesday is an all day meeting that may get heated at times but we'll deal with it and the sun will rise the next day.

Also tomorrow I will be getting a final head count for our Amadeo Service trip to the CDE orphanage with Hannah on April 21-22. I am so excited to finally meet the boy I sponsor, Jesus Guadalupe, and to visit with and serve all of the other kids there.

be Moved!


Blogger Dave said...

Came across your blog by way of Blogspot "Next Blog" icon. Normally when surfing, I zoom past the Christian sites. Didn't with you. From what I read you're doing good. Keep it up.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Well thanks for the visit Dave. Drop in anytime man!

6:13 PM  

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