Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cancel church service and do service?

I found an article today that I would like to share because I think that every church should do this. I think that we as Christians should want to serve our neighbors and our community. Jesus did. He hung out and loved the worst of the worse. Anyhow...check out this article. Amadeo serves their community well and that's why I am glad to be a part of Amadeo. Pastor Ben is all about serving others and being missional. He may even cancel service for a month after he reads this :-)

Although we do a lot of service and that would probably not be necessary.

Church Cancelled, Service Begins


Blogger friend said...

Obviously we are cancelling all extra services (besides Sunday worship) for June and December so people can be with family, serve others spontaneously as we are commanded, and to hang out with people in the church we love - but I woudn't be against cancelling a Sunday service if we had a killer "love Project" planned.

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