Friday, May 04, 2007

Self Assessment

I found this post written by Tammy on the ooze blog and thought it was right on. In life's rat race, sometimes we need to take care of ourselves too.

"Each of us has things that keep us strong. It's very important ... (that) we make a daily practice of using them. You need to ... set aside the work of the day ... As we become tired in the face of life's wounds, one of the first things that will be taken from us is our capacity to discriminate and deliberate and focus ... (to) tell the difference between your stuff and someone else's stuff ... (to) know whether or not you're dealing with an actual crisis or just fear."

That is the best advice I could have gotten today.

How are you doing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for clarity's sake, the quote you attribute to 'Tammy' is actually written by a man named John Calvi in a book called "The Dance Between Hope and Fear." We posted it as one of the dailies last week at inward/outward. Peace, Kayla

5:53 PM  

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