Sunday, April 29, 2007

On the Road Again

Had a fantastic weekend so far. I actually had to work evenings last night but we actually had some weather too so that made it less boring and a lot more interesting. I arrived at work at 1 pm and it was hot. We hit that magic century mark that the media here in the Valley of the Sun loves so much. There are also always numerous contests that people enter picking the date and time of the first 100 degree temp in Phoenix. We've hit 99 twice this year so far but that was back in early to mid March. So now it's official. We hit 100 degrees yesterday at 1:38 PM. The official high for the day was 101. Thunderstorms developed to our East and Southeast and these storms pushed a pretty strong dust storm into the metro area. They usually don't hold together that long but this one came in from the East and Southeast and went clear across the entire Phoenix Metro. The peak wind was from the Southeast at 51 MPH and visibilities went down to less than a quarter mile. They even grounded air traffic at Sky Harbor Airport for 30 minutes. So enough about work.

Went to church this morning and it was just awesome. I had not been in a couple of weeks. It's very nice to finally "miss" being away from church. It wasn't that way a couple of years ago. I love Amadeo and the folks that lead it and that attend there. Robert brought the message this morning and it was about Freedom from the Law! Excellent topic and Robert did great.

While we were in Mexico last weekend I got the chance to get to know Briana a lot better. After the service the Youth went to the back for their own ministry time. Bri had brought this up to me and we implemented it this morning. She did an awesome job and the kids responded well. How cool is that, that the Youth are being moved by God's love and wanting to minister to each other? The entire worship team this morning was ALL Youth by the way. Marc and Andy, Bri and Sharaya, and Robbie filling in for Mac on bass guitar. This Youth Group rawks man! That's all I can say about them. They are all great kids and I can't wait to spend an entire week with them at Camp up in the Pines in Prescott this June.

Patty and I had a chance to minister to a young girl this afternoon that has a substance abuse problem. She has some great people around her that really care for and love her. Father, I just ask that you flood this young lady with your grace and your mercy and that you will do a miracle in her life. Take the desire to abuse these pills away from her. Continue to encourage her friends and family while they are in the midst of this struggle with her.

Tonight Patty and I are going to watch The Sopranos. Not too many episodes left and I am still waiting for the big shocker that we are all expecting. I thought it was going to happen last week on the boat, but apparently it was just a teaser.

Tomorrow I am off on another roadtrip for work. I'm leaving in the morning and will be back Wednesday night. Then a special surprise for a few folks is coming on Thursday. Stay tuned!

Saturday we will be ministering to the folks in Sonoqui Village for an event we are calling Cinco de Amadeo. We brought bags of graceries to this community about a month ago. Well we're doing it again, but we'll also be doing more. We will be out there from 6 am to 12 noon and we'll be blessing this community with a cookout, clothing, free bags of groceries, and a huge inflatable jumber for the kids.

Be moved, be blessed, receive His grace and His mercy!


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