Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cinco de Amadeo

So Saturday was a wonderful day. The folks at Amadeo went over to bless the folks over at Sonoqui Village. An inflatable jumper was available for the kids along with face painting and a Spongebob Pinata. We had a grill set up and cooked hamburgers for the folks. We handed out free water, free bags of groceries and clothing.

While all of that was going on, Pastor Ben and I sat out under an umbrella beside the main road with a sign advertising "free prayer". I don't think the sign was big enough. One lady did stop and we prayed for her and her family. The best one was a guy in a pickup truck that pulled over and stopped. Ben and I walked up to his truck and asked him what we could pray for. He said "Oh! I must have misread the sign. I thought it said free pavers." In the back of his pickup truck was a bunch of pavers. Anyhow, we asked him if there was anything he needed prayer for. He told us his dad just had surgery for prostate cancer so we prayed for his dad right there while he sat in his pickup smoking a cigarette. We handed him some matches with our church logo on them and he thanked us, shook our hands, and went on his way. How cool is that?

Tuesday I drove down to Tucson to see my parents and had a nice visit with them. I stayed the night and took my mom out to lunch the following day for our annual Mothers Day outing. We went to a nice little Italian joint and it was very nice. Before we left my mom and I sat down and looked at an old photo album of when I was born. It was a special moment with mom. The meal was great too. I look forward to our little lunch date every year now. The drive back home was absolutely horrible. I got stuck on I-10 heading towards Phoenix for 3 hours due to an accident that shut the Interstate down.

So summer is here in the desert. Triple digit heat all week topping out at around 108 by this weekend. Really looking forward to it. NOT! Can't wait for October to roll around, and the summer is just getting started.

Be well, be blessed, Be Moved!


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