Saturday, May 26, 2007

A graduation party

We held Shannon's graduation party last night at the Vineyard Community Church of Gilbert. I thought it was awesome that they allowed us to use the youth building for the party. Attendance was very good and included family, church family, friends, co-workers and friends we had not seen in quite awhile. Patty and her dad Joe did most of the setting up with assistance from myself and Patty's stepmom Dee. Clean-up went very well with a lot of help from everyone. Tonight we get to attend another graduation party for some youth from our old church. We saw some of the folks that we had not seen in quite some time last night and will see them again tonight. Two nights in a row after not seeing each other for a long time, go figure.

Then the highlight of tonight will be UFC 71 Liddell vs Jackson. I have been anticipating this fight ever since it was announced and is the first time ever that I have purchased a pay-per-view event on television. We'll see if it was worth it or not. I predict a knockout by Chuck Liddell.


Blogger Dave said...

Keith, Keith?

Rolling around on the floor of the ring until someone submits?

Congratulations on the graduation and enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Hey Dave,

I concur, sort of. A lot of it is on the ground until someone submits. But...Chuck Liddell ALWAYS goes for the knockout and usually gets it.

Thanks for the congrats on the graduation and I hope you too have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

1:59 PM  
Blogger said...

There was some Jui-Jitsu/Martial Arts Wrestler guy I was watching, he didn't look like one of these two guys, but maybe he is. But he used to do just that, just like a python, would hold guys until he got them in a position where they couldn't breathe, and they submitted. It was like an UFC marathon of old fights, and I'd never really watched it before. Then I thought that guy was boring, so I never got into it. I guess my point is. . . I'm with Dave if this is what one of these guys does!

Sounds like a fun party, wish I coulda been there.

6:51 AM  

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