Monday, May 21, 2007

Ministering to the Wiccans

I posted an article awhile back written by this guy named Phil Wyman who pastors a church called The Gathering in Salem MA. Here is another well written article he wrote about his experience as a pall-bearer at a Wiccan funeral. This paragraph struck me the most and I wonder if he was wounded by a christian church in the past as I was.

I consider the life of this strange man who died, and contrast it with a man who yet lives. The man who yet lives is a Christian pastor I once served alongside. He says all the right things, and appears at cursory glance to be the model of citizenship. His dress is impeccable. His actions are sharp, and decisive. His ministry is successful by all appearances, but a deeper look reveals a dark underbelly of corruption. Subtle lies, clever manipulation, and political savvy are his trademark. He rules his little kingdom with an iron fist, and crushes those who refuse to labor under his heavy-handed control. Good pastors have been lost, churches have been dismantled, and reputations have been ruined under his guidance. I wonder which life is more tiresome to the gracious Nazarene I serve. Which life is wearisomely beyond the pall? I was strangely, but deeply honored to be asked to be a pall-bearer for my friend the Witch. Somehow I am ashamed to know the man who yet lives, and declares to serve my Jesus, and it makes me wonder what it is that only God can see beyond the pall-bearing.

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