Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christian Fundamentalists

From the book I spoke about yesterday:

The problem with many Christian fundamentalists is that they are not fundamentalist enough when it comes to Jesus. Please understand, whenever the Christian church has become violent or intolerant or just plain uncharitable, it is not because of a fundamentalist adherence to the teachings of Jesus, but precisely the opposite. It is because Christ's teachings have been patently ignored. Many Christian fundamentalists do not follow Christ, but have replaced his teachings with the prevailing conservative ethos of the day masquerading as religious dogma.


Blogger Jeni said...

Sadly enough, that does seem to be the truth, doesn't it?

1:26 AM  
Blogger said...

but we have to be careful not to turn into the "them" portrayed in your post, too. . . one of the things i think some folks close to us are frustrated by are perceived "attacks" on their " christian heritage" which is also our "christian heritage."

in the "post-modern" movement (which is a label i don't like), we need to be careful how much "finger-pointing" we do at the conservative evangelicals. yes, much of what you (and i) quote and say in our blogs is true, but we are sometimes guilty of the same "we are all right and they are all wrong" mentality.

i just felt a big smack of the mercy stick yesterday in church and have been thinking this way. . .

6:12 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

I agree with you Carl. We (I) need to be very careful in not "finger-pointing". I try not too. Sometimes I fail. I try to let the other points of view be heard also.

Of course my blog is from my "point of view".


4:01 PM  

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