Thursday, May 29, 2008


Does this title shock you? It did me at first. But then I could see the religious leaders of the day back then saying this exact thing when they saw Jesus coming. I found this on the Ooze website written by A. Parker. Oh Shit! It's Jesus I did order the book. But I will not comment any further until I read it. I should have it by this weekend. Peace!

Many people will find it hard to get past the title of Steve Hughes’ book, Oh Shit! It's Jesus! But for the spiritually wounded who have been told that the words "Shit" and "Jesus" could never exist in the same phrase, this book is a breath of fresh air.

Through life experiences and paraphrased Gospel accounts that he calls "Jesus Stories," Hughes reveals a very earthy and genuine Savior, who was deeply concerned with healing the wounds inflicted by the religious leaders. And Hughes seeks to continue that work in this book, addressing those still holding their religion-inflicted wounds with the hope of a Jesus who was not only outside of the religious system, but who fought against it. Often too condemning of the modern religious leaders, Hughes also fights the system. He does this by venturing into common areas of contention and revealing his most uncommon viewpoints about evolution, women’s rights, the Bible, Jodie Foster, the afterlife, and much more, all seen through the lens of his occasionally foggy but well-intentioned Jesus Stories.

Still unable to get past the title? Hughes supposes the phrase, "Oh shit! It’s Jesus!" to have been frequently found on the lips of two groups of people in Jesus’ life. The first are His disciples, blue-collar workers, unschooled in religious games, but filled with sheer delight to see their friend. The second are the religious leaders, who hated to see Him coming, knowing that He was an affront to their power.

As the wounded and even the angry turn the title page aside, and the book is opened, a sympathetic voice is found, Jesus Stories are told, and Hughes is there with all of his unconventional, irreligious ideas, even going so far as to offer his email address at the end of each chapter. And he’s hoping that the wounded who are accustomed to disdainfully murmuring, "Oh shit, it’s Jesus," will come to a place where they can cry with great joy, "Oh shit! It’s Jesus!"


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