Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recap of an evening with Iron Maiden

We picked Gary and Toria up at 4 o'clock and headed to On the Border for mexican food. Great food and the girls had margaritas.

We arrived at Cricket Wireless Pavilion at about 6:30. We roamed around a bit checking out the merchandise which was very pricey. We then found our way to our seats which were dead center and back aways. Great seats actually. I think the sound quality is much better when you are farther back. I have been up front for some shows and the mix is not that good up front.

The place was only about half full when Lauren Harris, daughter of Iron Maidens bass player Steve Harris, opened the show promptly at 7:30. Nothing to write home about. She was not that great of a singer but I did enjoy the lead guitarist who was very good. Folks were streaming in during her half hour set. We all hit the bathroom afterwards and by the time we got back the place was full, including the lawn.

Maiden hit the stage at 8:30 and played a 2 hour set. The sound mix was awesome and the boys were in great form. The crowd was very well behaved on this evening.

The weather was perfect, about 75 degrees when we got there and in the upper 60's by the time it was over with a light breeze. Here is a review written by Larry Rodgers from the AZ Republic and also a slideshow of some photos of the boys. I found some youtube videos of the show, but the sound quality was awful so I didn't even bother posting them.

Maiden Concert Review

Slideshow of Maiden concert


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