Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hotter than Hot's been unbelievably hot here in the desert southwest lately. Yes, it is a "dry heat" is how the saying goes. But hot is hot. Days on end of 110+ degrees. Yesterday was 115. But today, a nice chilly 111. This week it will stay hot all the way into next weekend. Soon, the monsoon season should kick in and hopefully we will have an active thunderstorm season this year.

Patty's Air Conditioner in her car crapped out today. Un-freaking-believable I say. It's still almost new and only has 12K miles on it. So she will no doubt be taking it back in to the Mazda dealership because it is under warranty.

My parents are out in New Mexico for the summer but will be returning to Tucson for a week or so the first week in July to check on their house. I am off that week and plan on driving down to take my mom out for lunch. I'll get there the evening of the 2nd and take her to lunch the next day. Then on Saturday the 5th my dad and I will go see the Sprint Cars on the Manzanita Speedway Half-mile track. Then they will probably go to church with us on Sunday.

I'm going to the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival July 18th with a friend from work. All day long at Cricket Pavilion on July 18th. Why do they have outdoor concerts in Phoenix during the summer? Anyhow, this tour will definitely not be for the mellow types. Slipknot, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch and many more. Oh yeah, Underoath too. Awesome that there are some Christian guys that play heavy music and even tour with these guys.

What I really cannot wait for is the first week in August. Patty and I celebrate 21 years of marriage and we will be staying at Carlsbad by the Sea. I'm already sick and tired of the heat so by that time I'll be ready to get outta here for awhile.



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