Saturday, June 07, 2008

Young Soldiers

I forgot to mention something that happened to me at the Kansas City Airport yesterday as I waited for my flight back home. I arrived at the airport a little early so I could grab a bite to eat before my flight. So I popped into a Quiznos at the Airport. I placed my order and sat down waiting for it to be prepared. As I got my food I observed two very young soldiers ordering. They were MP's (Military Police) in the Army.

Quiznos was very crowded and there were not many seats left so I invited the two to sit with me. They were on their way home from Iraq. These guys were kids. Well not really kids, but I would bet they were not even of the legal drinking age of 21. They both had their duffel bags with them and were waiting for their families to pick them up. I spent about 15 minutes chatting with them. One of them said he was still jittery from his experience there. While I am very adamant about my stance on this war, I have a tremendous respect for our troops over there. While we were there, the guy that said he was still jittery from his experience was surprised by his family. I didn't see a father, but I observed what I presume to be his mother and two younger sisters walk up behind him and it almost brought me to tears watching their reunion.

I thanked both of the soldiers for their service to our country and told them to be safe. I had to share this with you because I speak a lot of bad stuff about this war, but I have nothing against our troops that are doing service for us and protecting us. I am just glad that these two guys were home safe.



Blogger Jeni said...

Why is it that those who learn we don't support the war also think we don't support the troops? I don't wish to hear of another life lost, or another person maimed because of a conflict we had no business being involved in to begin with! So, if it's any comfort Keith, I can understand your sentiments there -200 percent!

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