Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day

I hope all of you are enjoying the day with friends and family and being thankful for our freedom.

Wednesday evening I drove down to Tucson to see my parents. We went to one of my favorite little eateries called Hot Dog Heaven. They serve a real Chicago Style Dog. My mom, dad, grandma and myself all went.

Thursday I took my mom out for lunch. The place she had chosen was closed for remodeling so we headed to another Mexican place and had lunch. It was fun, food was good and it is something my mom and I look forward to every year now.

Drove back to Phoenix and borrowed Obie's truck again (thanks man). Patty and I took the loveseat back and instead of exchanging it for another, Patty changed her mind and we got a futon instead and put it in the spareroom/computer room.

Today, Patty and I just putzed around the house and did some cleaning. We also went to the gym and then came back home for some hot dogs and hamburgers. We're not really going to go see any fireworks tonight, it's just too damn hot out. But I have a feeling that Mother Nature is going to supply her own fireworks tonight.

Tomorrow, my mom and dad are coming up here. The girls are going to see a movie and my dad and I are going to see the Sprint Cars on the half-mile dirt track at Manzanita Speedway. Then they will go to church with us Sunday and we'll go out to eat afterwards (my guess is it's gonna be sushi).

Be safe out there tonight. Be blessed and bless someone else too.



Blogger Jeni said...

The family and I had a very nice quiet 4th, during the day. I cooked three new recipes involving chicken breast, hash brown potatos casserole and a new chocolate cake with peanut butter chips and choco-peanut butter icing to die for! Then we drove over to Penn State this evening -arrived a little late to see all the fireworks but caught the bulk of them. Maya was in 7th heaven to see all the "fireworkers" as she calls them. Lots of oohs and aahs and "it's magical" even from her! Kurtis slept through every bit of the fireworks -like a log! I'm not complaining there -better than him being terrified and screaming which was our biggest worry about going to see the display. Have a great weekend. Keep safe.

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