Friday, August 22, 2008

Alice Cooper and Christianity

His professed Christian ethics are sometimes called into question, even by his fellow Christians, Cooper notes.

"If they want to come down on me, OK, but let me give you a scenario: I'm a Christian guy and an actor, and I get cast to play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. That's very classy: Macbeth. It's a good role, but Macbeth is also a murderer, and he's everything that's horrific to the Christian religion. But that's OK, because it's Shakespeare."

He pauses for punctuation, then continues: "So why would it be OK for me to play Macbeth and my show wouldn't be OK? My show isn't as bloody as Macbeth. And mine's funnier.

He adds, "When I became a Christian, I didn't get a list of rules. I got a Bible, and it's been a one-on-one relationship between me and Christ, not the church."


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