Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The art of control

This has been bothering me for quite some time now. Why is it, that when someone "disciples" you, they are always right and you are always wrong? If God is showing me something else, you decide that the path I choose is wrong.

There are many different viewpoints on theology and doctrine. The experiences I have had are where I was told that my way was wrong and their way is the right way. Who made you God? Sometimes churches use the term "discipleship" to disguise the control thay want to have over you.

It has led me to the point where I do not ever want to be in any leadership position ever again. A guy I respect very much, Carl Tuttle, says it very well from his latest post on his blog here.

I'll comment more on the stuff I have written regarding how the church handles failure of it's members and in particular it's we are harsh....there are a couple things I need to listen to and read for now just some thoughts on the last couple weeks...they have been tough...not on me so much...but on the lives of people I know....therefore it has impacted me rather deeply......first of all a friend of mine who has been in ministry for over a couple decades has stepped out of ministry and is going through a very difficult time......there is no doubt he needed to and has acted in ways that have hurt others.....but it always seems the response to that is to step back from the person, rather than embrace the person in their brokenness and sin......friends quit calling....people avoid contact and so the broken person who needs healing and ministry is left to fend for themselves........what a shame......I know this I am going to be his friend even when he acts like a dumb ass....what kind of friendship is it when someone fails...we abandon and cut off...if a person is a friend, aren't they always your friend, when they are acting good and when they are acting bad.....just some thoughts.....on top of this a young lady that I know took her own life...she was 35.......evidently felt so hopeless and was filled with such despair and confusion she decided she didn't want to live any more..........OUCH.......she had no interest in God whatsoever and no interest in church......yet when I think about her choice to end her life....evidently because she was miserable.......what could it have hurt to investigate Jesus, to hang out with a community of faith.........she would have experienced love, affirmation, least with the people I hang out with....I know she would have.......I lead a service for her at a Wine Bar.....frankly a place I think Jesus would have been comfortable fact I'm thinking he would have been more comfortable there, then at some of the churches that exist today......sorry........what do you say in such a circumstance? well God gave me grace and the end I shared about what's really important....what's the most important thing?Loving God and loving one another.........told them about the story of the 'expert in the law' who sought to 'test Jesus' he asked him which is the most important commandment....and Jesus wouldn't answer....he asked him....what do you think it is? .....the man love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind.......Jesus said 'you are right and the second is like your neighbor as your self....go and live ' Not to bad an idea for me or God, love others...Go and live!

I know Carl Tuttle went through a very rough time when he was in leadership. You can read through his blog to see what he went through.

I choose to do what God considers the two most important God and love others. Everything else is minor. Too many people get wrapped up in theology, doctrine, so called discipleship, and dare I say church politics. I am glad I am done with all of that crap. It is very obvious when people choose to not associate with you anymore because you disagree with them on some things, that the love was conditional.

I don't ever want to get involved in a leadership position in a church again because I am free in Christ. I choose to love God, love I'm going to go live! God is in control, not you and not me. Sometimes you or I try to take control, but we always lose.

Grace and Peace!


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