Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I think we have it all backwards. Jesus didn’t ask us to start ministries. He didn’t ask us to accomplish great things. He simply asked us to love others the same way we are loved by him and that will be enough for the whole world to know that we belong to him and that they can too.

I am more convinced than ever that every thing God wants to do in the world will flow from us learning to live in his love and listening to him as we walk through life. This allows the opportunities in our lives to grow organically, rather than through the artificial means of organizing, promoting, and manipulating others. That may be why he told us his new command would simply be to love like we’ve been loved.

Wayne Jacobsen - June 2008

This is doing the stuff in my opinion. Love God, Love others, and let God do the work. Don't impose a list of rules on them and beat them over the head with what you think is right or wrong. Let God do the changing, not us. Is it really that hard to understand?



Blogger Jeni said...

I think that is exactly the truth too. Love one another. Warts and all, too. (Kind of like I always told my kids if they did something they weren't supposed to do and made me upset or angry. "I may not always "like" you, but I'll always love you."

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