Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Blessed Day

I was blessed today. It was our first visit to Amadeo since we left to go back to Vineyard Community Church of Gilbert. We went to hear Mark B. speak. I have worked with him before with the Youth Group but hearing him speak in a bigger arena was awesome. He definitely has a gifting for it. What I took away from his words were this...that God can use anyone to glorify Himself. It doesn't matter how broken you are, what your past is or what you have done. He can and will use you.

We also got to see Shelly lead Communion which was an extra blessing. And it just so happened that Robert and Angela dedicated their daughter Liberty this morning and we were able to pray with them and the rest of the Amadeo family.

It was also great to see all those we have not seen in quite awhile and I was very happy to see all of the new faces which is a sign of growth. It is great to see Amadeo growing and to see others that I do not even know leading.

This week I work my last shifts before vacation. I'll also help out at the Gilbert Drop-In this Thursday. First I need to find out if it is still this Thursday or not. I saw and talked to a bunch of the kids that hang out there last week when I dropped by Cold Stone Creamery for some Ice Cream for the family.

Be blessed and have a fantastic week.



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