Friday, August 15, 2008

Vacation is coming to an end

So I have really enjoyed my time off of work. It is so nice to not be on a schedule. I work a string of radar and evening shifts beginning Monday night into the weekend with Wednesday off.

I got two vehicles taken care of. Shannon's Ford Escape needed a new alternator, shocks, struts, hoses, and some other routine stuff. All to the tune of almost $1400. I had my Honda Civic in for some routine maintenance and also had all of the fluids flushed and replaced. I have taken extra special care of that vehicle and I am going to drive it as long as I can. That is why I am taking good care of it. It is a 2004 Honda Civic EX and Honda's are very reliable vehicles. Patty has yet to make that appointment with the dealership about her AC problem. Her car is a 2008 Mazda 3 and only has 12,000 miles on it. From all of the symptoms, I think that it is the compressor that is bad. When she took it in the first time it acted up they said it was very low on freon so they refilled it and also put in some dye to check for a leak. We'll see what becomes of it.

The highlight of my vacation was by far our trip to Carlsbad California. But the week at home was cool too because I was able to take care of some things without having to worry about going to work. I also loved going to the gym during the day because it is way less crowded and just more enjoyable overall.

We went out to dinner with J and Jen and their son Sam on Wednesday. They are just such cool people and we always enjoy their company. We talked about the book The Shack which Jen and I have both read and we both loved it. J is going to read it and I'm trying to talk Patty into it too.

I helped out at the Gilbert Drop-In last night. Obie had something going on that he needed to take care of so it was just Leo and I last night. There really was not a great turnout though and I think that the weather may have had something to do with it. We were cooking hot dogs and around 7 pm the sky just opened up. It poured rain, thundered with lightning and was also very windy. I got soaked, but it cooled me off. We ended up shutting it down early at around 8 pm. I enjoyed shooting the breeze with Leo though.

I have some thoughts going round and round in my brain that I may blog about very soon. It is about where I am at right now in my journey of being a follower of Christ.

Have a great weekend everyone. Be nice to someone daily and give them an encouraging word.

Grace and Peace!


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