Monday, August 25, 2008

Deportations. Right or wrong?

I read this article yesterday and it really made me sad and then it made me angry. How can a human being do this to another human being? It makes me even angrier when trying to adopt a child from Mexico is so damn difficult.

Deported Mexicans face shattered lives

Well I'm off to work and it may be a very active weather night tonight.

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Blogger Jeni said...

I am very torn by the immigration issues. On one hand, because I am the granddaughter of immigrants -paternal side from Scotland; maternal side from Sweden -I think about how they came here, not knowing the language, poor, probably frightened and confused too, but they came with legal papers allowing them to immigrate here over 120 years ago. They learned the language (well, at least somewhat in the case of my one great-grandmother) but they also adapted to this country, to the rules and regulations and administration of them here. I believe in the principles of this country via the statue of liberty -"give me your poor, your huddles masses" and I understand the reasoning behind people wanting to come here to live, to work, to raise their family in freedom. I wonder why so many come here illegally (because I don't understand why they don't apply for legal immigration) and the risk they take then upon themselves, for their families as well. If these people have come here illegally, assimilated into the country, the culture, are employed, then why if they are doing all that, obviously their services are needed if they are working here, then why can't we make things available for them to become legal citizens? Now, if they are coming here illegally and just to receive welfare benefits, illegally then too, that does put yet another spin on things and I do understand deportation then -or if they have been imprisoned for a crime too. But still, the inhumanity involved no matter how you cut this, is horrendous and somehow, someone, somewhere, has to find a solution to this problem. How do you find a way to help eliminate the illegal status, help people who want to improve their lot in life? As I said, I don't know near enough about immigration procedures to even think of a possible suggestion for a solution but there has to be one somewhere, don't you think?

12:51 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

I agree with you Jeni that they should be here legally. If they have crossed illegally, then give them legal status.

The main thing I have a problem with in the mentioned article was with the agencies just dumping women and children off on the other side of a very dangerous border and letting them fend for themselves. That, in my mind, is criminal.

I know that it is a touchy issue among some, but I am of the opinion that they are human beings, and have certain rights, whether they're legal or illegal.

Thanks for your thoughts and opinion on this issue.


7:50 PM  
Blogger Crusader said...

Immigration and deportation...Yeah that can be touchy sometimes.
The bottom-line, I believe, is that people are people. It's no secret that I'm not very patriotic. Or at least I'm not considered so by those who say Americans are better than the people of any other country, much less every other country. Like I said, people are people.

However, I do not support amneisty. Yes, I have no problem with allowing them in, but I firmly believe that the solution is a firmer, but shorter path to citizenship.
The reason being that the Mexican government can be more than a little crazy. It seems like they are always trying to bail out their criminals that are in America...

But yeah, as for the women and children thing. That is just wrong.
It's upseting, and it needs to stop. The bit about the ten year old really upset me. The boarder is very dangerous, and this boarder drug war has claimed thousands of lives...I believe we need to draw a line here. Maybe amniesty for the kids? Maybe even for older family members? As long as it's regulated to manage those coming in. Also to do it with effencientcy and decency. In other words, I am very diveded on the boarder. It seems like there should be middle ground somewhere.

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