Saturday, August 23, 2008

Donald Miller and Cameron Strang

Donald Miller, famous author of Blue Like Jazz, and Cameron Strang, founder and editor of Relevant.

Cameron was asked to pray at the DNC. He accepted but then declined the invitation. He then recommended Donald Miller and Donald Miller was invited and accepted.

You can read Cameron's reason for declining in this blogpost here.

He also said something about both parties working together to reduce the number of abortions despite being pro-choice or pro-life.

proactively working to reduce the number of abortions each year (not only through legislation, prevention and education, but by financial support for pregnant women and overhauling the adoption system—things are messed up when an abortion is $500 and an adoption is $25,000).

I thought that was very well stated...especially the part about the cost of an abortion vs. the cost of an adoption.



Blogger Crusader said...

I agree with the whole abortion part, but there was a part that is a little hard to wrap my mind around. He said it would be unwise to take sides...then later said he would relish a chance to speak at the RNC...

6:10 PM  

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