Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My week

Monday I dealt with some Union issues at work. What I thought was going to be a nightmare turned out to be not quite so. This is a good thing, although I am still ironing out a compromise with management.

Today I was able to get out of the office to Fountain Hills Park to check on my weather station there. Tomorrow I will head out to Lost Dutchman State Park. Thursday will be visits to my sites in Wittman and Wickenburg. Friday will take me to Stewart Mountain Dam. These are all daytrips so I will not really be out of town on travel status. That trip will be the week of October 20th where I will do my Fall trip on I-10 and I-8 out West. I'll leave on a Monday morning and come back on a Friday evening.

This Thursday I'll be helping out at the Gilbert Drop-In Center at my church. I always look forward to that.

Friday is my birthday. I will be 47. Man I'm getting ever so close to that half-century mark. Sunday the 28th marks my 8 years of sobriety date.

I've been giving someone at work a lot of encouragement because they are dealing with an issue. The situation is looking much brighter now and I have been praying with and for this person. I am also working with a guy right now that is struggling a bit but he is really doing good at this time. No drinking and we have been meeting on a regular basis.

Life is good folks. That announcement I was talking about may be just around the corner. Stay tuned!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep plugging brother and have fun......I know you will ;)


6:09 AM  

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