Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spiritual Engineering

I found this post today over at nakedpastors blog. Here is an excerpt along with one of the comments...

I’m interested in how our designs for spiritual communities in many ways resemble genocidal intentions for society. How often have I been attracted to an alluring, charismatic and convincing personality who had an agenda to create and build a new kind of order? And how often have I witnessed and experienced the isolation and eventual separation and elimination of those who did not fit the program? I have to be even more honest than that: How often have I supported and even promoted these kinds of agendas to shape spiritual communities and the people within them?

Great reminder, it is often hard to remember that growth in the faith life of someone makes them more the person God wants them to be, not the person we want them to be.

My thoughts...
The church does not change you.
The pastor does not change you.
God does the changing.

Too many churches throw you out with the bathwater if you do not fit their program. How shitty is that? I wonder how many people have been wounded by prideful leaders and no longer serve Papa today. I would not want to be that leader when I stand before Papa.

Do ALL things in love for one another!



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