Monday, December 01, 2008

Are you willing to serve?

Not too long ago I received an email from the Men's Ministry leader at my church. He was asking for help to help another family that goes to our church. Actually, they are fairly new to the church. Anyhow, this family was moving from one apartment to another. The move happened this past Sunday. Believe it or not, I actually had fun. I got to help someone that needed the help and I also got to meet a few new people and hang out with Lonnie too. I am always willing to serve others. I have spoke in the past about teaching. I hate it, and don't really have a desire to "teach". But I am willing to serve in other ways.

Now onto the funny part...

When Lonnie took me back to my car yesterday after we were done with the move, I told him that I actually had fun because I was serving somebody. Well I guess God heard that. Today, my wife Patty asked me if I could help a co-worker of hers move this coming Saturday. She is going through a divorce. I couldn't help but laugh on the inside. But I am going to do it, and with a smile too. The only thing I asked was whether or not she was renting a Uhaul or not. She is. That's a plus, because the move this past weekend was a lot tougher because we used two pick-ups and a car.

Also this week I am moving one of my stations up in Globe Arizona. I guess I won't need to be doing much weight lifting at the gym this week. I'll just stick to the cardio.

Speaking of cardio, I have decided to run in The Valley of the Sun Half Marathon on March 8th. I will start my "official" 12 week training plan on December 15th.

Have you served someone today? Are you planning on serving someone soon? Do it! It will make you feel good and it is something nice that helps somebody else out.



Anonymous Karen said...

Thanks for sharing this. I hate moving and it seems like it is getting harder to ask people for help when I do need to move. I am also less willing to jump in there when someone else is moving. It is refreshing to know that you had fun helping someone move. It is all about having a servant's attitude. It really blesses others and gives us Joy! Have fun again this Saturday!
And yes, the U-haul is definitely a plus!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Debo Blue said...

Uh, speaking of needing help moving...if I get laid off, wanna help me drive to Boise?

It'll be fun! We'll sing praises, give each other Bible quizzes. Just kidding.

I used to be one of those people who would just donate money rather than physically support because my weight caused disabilities but now I find myself asking if there's something I can do sitting down or that requires little physical activity. And you know what? I always find something to put my hands to doing.

You're a beautiful person Keith.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Karen, I don't think I know you but thanks for dropping in a leaving a comment. You're right, it's all about having a servant's attitude.

Debo, don't be so sure that I wouldn't help. But I am praying that you DON'T get laid off. It is awesome that you can find ways to serve too. And you know what? You're a beautiful person too.


6:15 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Hi Keith,
You don't know me. I read your comments on Carl's blog. I thought I would check out your blog. I like it! You do a great job with keeping it updated and active.

7:14 PM  

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