Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kim reviews The Shack

There's a guy named Kim that goes to my church. Kim is an awesome worship leader, musician, songwriter, and fellow follower of Christ. I've started using Facebook now as it seems to be the "in" thing these days and I stumbled upon his website which is in my sidebar. Kim Gentes thinkjump.

Anyhow, I found an old post he did back in September where he did a review on the book The Shack. Unfortunately, the book has created a controversy amongst some Christians out there. But what Kim wrote in his review would definitely echo my thoughts on the controversy, he just says it more eloquently than I.

check it out by clicking here

Here is my favorite excerpt from his post...

I do want to comment on the most controversial parts of the book, that are drawing criticism. Primarily, readers will discover that the book centers around the main character (Mack) and his weekend encounter with God. In Young's story, the Trinity is articulated through 3 distinct personalities. Specifically, the Father is portrayed as a joyful, and thoroughly loving, black woman. For some Christian leaders, even though this is a fictional story, this rendering has them railing against "the Shack". It's no wonder the truly brilliant creative voices leave the church with remarkable regularity. The point of the imagery in the story is stated and restated so that any clear-headed reader understands the portrayal. It's fiction after all, but with a purpose. It's too bad some Christian leaders who think they are "smart" have missed that point.



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