Monday, February 23, 2009

Body Odor

I just read a post over at Kingdom Grace's blog and it was so right on about how people from some church "bodies" (hence the title body odor, how fitting) just slam other followers of Christ because they don't agree with "their body".

I really liked what she said at the end of her post...

What I don’t get is why so often those who claim most loudly to be on the inside track of the deeper christian life are also the ones most likely to be considered asses by everyone else. Their claim is “we are the only ones who are really doing it right,” yet their reputation does not reflect that in any way.

At what point can we be deluded into thinking that it doesn’t matter that instead of the aroma of Christ we have body odor?

What to do? I suppose you don’t tell someone they have body odor. I wonder if the attitude of superiority is what prevents them from seeing that everyone around them backs up a step. Hopefully at some point the fruit of the Holy Spirit will become evident in their life and the aroma of Christ will overpower the body odor.

It is sadly interesting that this condition afflicts the people who claim to have the inside track of the one and only way to truth and church life or whatever. With this depth of knowledge and understanding, one would expect that they would demonstrate in their manner a deeper knowing and reflection of the nature of Christ.

This should be obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway…

If we represent Jesus, it isn’t okay if people think we’re an ass.

You can read the entire post here



Blogger Jeni said...

Good post, Keith. Interesting analogy there.

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