Thursday, February 05, 2009

Almost time to fly

Wow! What a week I've had. I installed the new Globe station on Tuesday with prior approval from Region but without a Station ID. The Station ID was in my email when I got back from the installation so I had to go back up there today to set him up for internet based entry.

Tuesday I left my house at 6 am and got home just before 6 pm. Yesterday I was in the office all day and had the blowup I talked about in my previous post. I apologized to the individual first thing this morning and he smiled and said it was accepted. That made me feel better. So I headed up to Globe today and there was a major accident on Highway 60. I sat in a line of traffic for nearly 2 hours. It was right before the town of Superior and on the radio they said that 4 helicopters were used to airlift people. By the time I got up to the accident scene I saw a body with a white sheet over it and the feet sticking out. Yes I said "body". So there was at least one fatality. There was only one vehicle that I saw at the scene and it was a mangled white Ford Escape. I'm assuming the other vehicles involved were already towed away.

After I got through Superior I had to wait in another line for 30 minutes due to blasting. They are doing blasting and road construction. I finally got to Globe, did what I needed to do and came home the back way around Roosevelt Lake. No construction, blasting or accidents.

Tonight I'm helping at Drop-In and tomorrow Patty and I are babysitting for Jeff and Trish while they go to dinner and a concert.

This weekend we will be packing and preparing for our trip to Cabo. We fly out Monday around noon and come back on the 16th. We are really looking forward to it. We're also going to go to Sammy Hagar's Club there called Cabo Wabo.



Blogger Jeni said...

I'm really glad to hear you took the high road and gave the apology. Now, I know you will feel better about yourself for having done that.
I suppose your vacation will have you without a computer, huh? Dang! No posts for a week -gonna be a bummer here!
Hope you both have a great relaxing and refreshing time though.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Debo Blue said...

It's better to just apologize and get that monkey off your chest.

I've only seen one traffic accident where the body remained and covered w/a yellow tarp thing.

Each time I pass that section of I-17 and I remember, I tell that person I remember him.

6:53 PM  
Blogger The Commander said...


Sounds like quite a day, but vacation is on the horizon. I will miss hearing from you while you are away in Mexico, but I am so happy for you and patty! I will be praying that the two of you have a wonderful time.

I rememeber a time when the Holy Spirit prompted me to apologize to my boss a few years back... a humbling experience, but a very good one!

So what are you gonna bring me from Mexico? lol

The Commander

8:33 PM  

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