Monday, February 02, 2009

David Hayward wrote...
It is reprehensible to use certain passages that speak about division and swords and enemies to encourage, endorse and enable our propensity towards disunity. It is proof-texting to the extreme, combing the words to find support for our inability or unwillingness to find ways to unite all people. How am I any different from a suicide bomber, fueled with his supposedly scripturally supported hatred for those of different religion and race, if I use the words to explain and even justify why I am not at one with another? Murder is not simply the taking of a life, but the manifestation, the total expression of the desire to be done with another person, that he should no longer be in my life. I’ve come to believe that if I think the only way we can be at one with each other is if you fall into complete agreement with me, then that is hatred and, ultimately, murder.
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