Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

I watched this movie last night. It was about a fundamentalist Christian family whose son was gay. They tried to "cure" him and he couldn't be cured. He ended up commiting suicide at the young age of 20. In the end, his mom came to grips with the situation and ended up being and advocate for Parents of Gays and Lesbians. I really wish I could post the entire movie, but this clip shows some of the good scenes and you can get the gist of what the movie was about. I would highly recommend it to anyone that struggles with these issues. This was based on a true story.


Blogger Chrissy Joy said...

I did not watch the video cause my baby is sleeping on me. But does this encourage allowing gays and lesbians in the church?

6:38 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

I wouldn't say that it encourages allowing gays and lesbians in the church. The movie was more about the mother disowning her son because of his homosexuality. There was a church in the movie that welcomed the gay community.

I personally would welcome them myself. I honestly believe that God does too. It's a pretty tough subject. I know a pastor whose son recently came out as gay, and he is really struggling with it.

Feel free to email me or ask me more about where I stand on the issue. Or you can send me a private message on facebook.

It really was a great movie though. Thanks for the comment.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Chrissy Joy said...

Interesting. So I would welcome them to be friends with them, just like I would anyone else w/ any problem but I would communicate if they are apart of the church (calling themselves Christians) that they cannot practice those behaviors, but just as a drug addict may feel the temptation to use drugs or a young man may be tempted to sleep w/ a girl friend, the feeling itself isn't wrong, but the doing of the feeling is...what about you? how do you feel about it?

6:52 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

I believe that you can be gay and be Christian. Who are we to judge? I believe that we should welcome ALL and love ALL. The Holy Spirit does the changing in people, not you or I.

I am a recovered addict myself. I have not had a drink or drug in over 8 years now. While I knew the Lord at a very early age (around the 4th grade) I became an addict in my late teens and was a practicing addict up until my late 30's. I certainly do not believe that I lost my salvation by being an addict.

It's not really black or white to me on a lot of these issues. I have a lot of questions for Papa when I meet him face to face.

6:13 AM  

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