Sunday, January 18, 2009

God is Moving me

I don't really know what it is at this present time, but I just have a very deep sense of peace and serenity right now. I feel God moving me into a deeper relationship with Him. I really can't wait to see what He has in store for me up the road on this wonderful journey.

Somebody shared something with me today in total confidence. Someone that I would not have expected to do this. It honored me that this person chose me to share this with and I was able to talk to them and pray with them.

I see my relationship with my daughter Shannon growing deeper. The counseling has definitely helped us communicate better. She is in Kansas City right now and flies back home tomorrow. I will pick her up at the airport around 8 pm.

I went to the men's breakfast at church yesterday and made some new friends as well as reconnecting with some others. There are a couple of younger guys that are just stoked about doing the Kingdom Stuff. It is so inspiring to see these young men (by young I mean 16-18 years old) going out and not being afraid to go up to someone and pray for them. Doing what they feel God moving them to do.

I am being challenged at work. I took on the position of Diversity Focal Point and with that position will come some extra work and responsibilities. But I am up for it and I will do well. Being the Union Steward has been a great training ground for this new focal point. My philosophy at work is that everyone should be valued and everyone has something to bring to the table. I hope to be an encourager in my workplace as well as anywhere else.

Patty is losing some weight and feeling great about it. I am proud of her and the effort she has been putting into it. I am really looking forward to our little getaway to Cabo in February. No email, no blogging, no internet, no cell phones (except to check in with Shannon at home and for emergencies). Just an entire week for Patty and I to reconnect, be together, and unwind.

I am at peace about some past relationships that I have tried to mend and have done all that I can do. The rest is in God's hands. I have made one last attempt this past week to get together with someone but the invitation was not accepted unconditionally. I am okay with that as God has released me from this situation now and I can no longer allow it to be a worry for me.

I am getting to know other awesome people and God has told me that these will grow.

I know of some folks that are really struggling right now with different situations. I pray for God's Grace, Peace, and Mercy on each and everyone of you. I pray that He will guide you each and every step of the way as you go through this.



Blogger The Commander said...

Brother, it sounds like you are in a great place and I'm genuinely happy for you. I know that I have been really blessed at your returning to VCC and I look forward to our many adventures in The Kingdom!

The Commander

8:00 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Ah, Keith -some words in there I have been hoping to hear you say -and I'm so glad things are working out very well for you and Shannon. To hear someone is trying to lose weight and being successful at that is also some really good news to share. I know how difficult that can be. Now, I need to try to work on that myself.
I really enjoyed your post above this one -wonderful message in that -and this post also -very encouraging.

1:11 AM  

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