Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Showing His Love

I found a comment today on this post over on Kent's blog. Wouldn't it be nice if we all treated others like this despite what we might disagree on? Here's the comment left by someone named Kirk.

Your timing is great with this post. Our family returned from a few days of camping yesterday and were all out in the driveway unloading our stuff. When down the street comes a strolling a couple of Mormon missionaries. My boys (11 and 8) were with me when I walked out to visit.

Now a few years ago this would have been a great time for the lawman in me to get out my big study bible and man up for a game of pound the Mormon. As a result of the relaxing that Father is helping me to live in the last couple of years, this time it went a little differently.

The missionaries (girls about 19) said they were out sharing about the Book of Mormon with folks and did I know anything about it. I said yes I did and then they wanted to know if I wanted some other missionaries to come over for coffee and share more about it. I said I thought maybe we could try something else. That since they have their beliefs and certainly felt they were right and I have beliefs that might not all be the same, then the basis of our relationship would be our disagreements. Instead why don't we see if we can find something we agree on. I said we both probably believe that we have a Father who loves us and wants to relate to us. They agreed with that. And that this Father wants us to love each other. They agreed with that. I said why don't we just stop there and live in the middle of those two agreements and they seemed genuinely pleased with that. I said that they would be able to report that they had a nice agreeable conversation and I would be able to enjoy a visit with some more of God's kids on the planet.

My wife heard some of this and said she could imagine their conversation as they walked away. So, do you think he is a Christian? I don't know, he sure didn't sound like most of the Christians we meet.

All I know is when they walked away, they were smiling and I was smiling. I really felt close to my Father at that point. Used to, being right was the most important thing to me and a couple of my my more Apologetics minded friends think I did not do my Christian Duty and let a couple get away without warning them of their error, but I have really started to believe that Jesus knows the road they are on too, and can find them the same way he found me.

Sorry this was so long but your thoughts really struck quite a chord today. Blessings to you.

Back to my thoughts now...
I think Kirk did the right thing here. I think God would agree too!



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Keith, I thought it was a wonderful/beautiful example also.

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