Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great week so far

Saturday Patty and I went with a group from our church to the State Prison in Florence where we attended a 4 hour orientation to be allowed to minister inside the prison. It was interesting and I look forward to what God has in store for us if we decide to do this on a regular basis. At least we are qualified now and will be given badges to enter the prison.

Sunday after church we went out to lunch with another couple. Someone that we have been trying to get together with for quite sometime. We went to lunch with Wade and Kay and we had a blast. It just so happens that they just got back from Cabo themselves so they were able to tell us a lot about it.

Yesterday I went and visited my site in Casa Grande. After that I met my folks for lunch at a little place called Hot Dog Heaven. Damn good Chicago Dogs man! But when I was walking up to the front door, I saw a sign on the front stating that they are going out of business and their last day will be the 31st. I am very happy that I got to visit this establishment one last time. Visiting with my parents was great too and we were able to catch up on family news. My dad's shoulder is healing up well and he will even be able to go skiing next month so he is excited about that.

Today I got to head out to Mormon Flat Dam for a site visit. As I got up to the gate, I realized that I did not have the gate code with me and there was nobody around at all. My cell phone would not get any reception so I drove about 8 miles until I could get reception. I called my office and got the code then went and did my work. It was an awesome day too.

Tomorrow I will be working operations on the public desk and Thursday I will be heading back up to Globe to look at a new site up there. If it looks good for siting requirements, then I will get to install it next week.

I've been lifting weights and running quite a bit and on a regular basis and am feeling really good. I haven't had a sniffle at all this winter that I can remember. Patty is doing absolutely wonderful on her diet and is really doing great at it and continuing to lose weight.

That's all the news from here.



Anonymous Debo Blue said...

You sound busy dude!

My late aunt had a prison ministry and she really had a lot to do because the inmates really looked forward to her being there.

You and Patty seem fearless to me, taking on so many challenging tasks.

You guys inspire me:-)

2:38 PM  

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