Monday, March 23, 2009

The Limbaughization of Evangelicals

Check out this post by the internet monk and tell me what you think.

The Limbaughization of Evangelicals



Blogger todd said...

interesting Keith....

i've grown a bit tired of all the commentary on both sides as of late...too much talking i'm a afraid (for me at least), but i wanted to read this because if there's been a few people that have given more conservative folks a bad name or come across as being arrogant with a 'know it all' attitude....i feel like it's been folks like Rush...not to mention that most people forget that the reason he's done so well is because a lot of the lambasting, mud slinging, and condescension is entertaining for people....anyway...more and more, i'm believing that 'effect and change' and positive results just may come from grass roots folks who don't really relate to the extremes of either side, but rather have been affected by texts like the sermon on the mount and the person of Jesus....and that will be enough....we live in interesting times....may faith, hope, and love prevail!!!

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