Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday, my plan was to go to the gym right after work. But my wife called me at work and asked if I would like to go for a walk with her after she got off of work, due to the fact that it was just so nice outside yesterday. At first, I said maybe. But it was for a selfish reason, because I knew that if I went to the gym I would not want to go for a walk, and I value my gym time. Don't get me wrong, my wife and I give each other space to do stuff we each enjoy. But after I thought about it a bit after our conversation over the phone, I was immediately convicted of something. Patty REALLY wanted me to go for a long walk with her, and I tried to get out of it. So I called her back and told her that I would not go to the gym and would walk with her. Let me tell you this. It was the right decision and I know it meant a lot to her. Later that evening, she even thanked me for doing it. We had a wonderful conversation and time together as we walked (briskly I might add because Patty walks very fast) about 2 and a half miles.

I had an email exchange with two good friends about some personal issues I am dealing with and I thank God for good friends and great advice. I appreciate these guys because I can be totally honest with them and they are totally honest with me. They know who they are and I am glad for their friendship and counsel.

I am looking forward to going to our small group Thursday. I have talked with Obie and he has said that I could help at Drop-In every other Thursday so that Patty and I can go to small group on the other Thursdays. We've tried a few different groups, and this is the one that we feel a part of and that is the best fit. Unfortunately, it meets on Thursdays, the same night as Drop-In. But there is another guy that has stepped up to help and he is there to help Obie every Thursday, which has allowed me to ask Obie if I could step back every other Thursday to attend small group. Thank you Obie and thanks to Rich for stepping in and helping us out.

Lots going on in the upcoming weeks. We are going to the Phoenix Roadrunners final home game the 28th. We are standing up with Jeff and Trish Sunday the 29th as they dedicate their baby at the late service. April 3rd we will be attending The Worship Gathering led by Kim Gentes at our church. The 4th we are going to the orphanage. The 5th is our annual church picnic which is always a fun time. I go on my 5 day work trip from the 6th- 10th which I always enjoy because I am out in the field all week and get to talk to my volunteer weather observers and inspect the equipment. We are going to a marriage seminar the 17th and 18th called How to Fireproof your Marriage which is being hosted by our church. The 29th is the Black Label Society and Sevendust concert with Jon and Shelly from Amadeo Church. So lots going on.

Last and certainly not least, my baby girl Shannon, turns 20 this Saturday the 28th. Hard to believe, but it's true. They grow up fast.

That's all the news from here. Be blessed.



Blogger Jeni said...

Holy Rip, Keith! With all those things going on, when are you going to have time to just rest and relax? And since you mentioned Shannon and her birthday, how are things going there for her? Hope they're moving along in a good positive vein for her -and for you too.
I'm slowly calming down -well, for the most part anyway. Still a lot of fears and worries but just have to remember to take everything, One. Day. At A. Time! Right?

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