Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cartoon: love you too much

cartoon: love you too much

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My brothers post on FB about the Mosque at Ground Zero

My little brother did a great post about the Mosque being built around groud zero. I liked it so much I wanted to share it on my blog, it is.

My Thoughts on the "Mosque" at Ground Zero.

I do understand people's sensitivity to the idea of a Mosque being built ON Ground Zero - however, this is a building in a neighborhood several blocks from "Ground Zero." It is an 11 story "Islamic Center" which the community in which is located overwhelmingly supports. At this stage, the plan is is for the prayer space "Mosque" to occupy only one floor of a 13-story building. The rest would house a swimming pool, a concert auditorium, a gymnasium, a child-care facility, a library, a culinary school and a restaurant. According the article below from the Chicago Tribune, it will bear a strong resemblance to Manhattan's 92nd Street Y.

All that said, I still understand folks' gut reaction - especially when the truth is twisted and the FOX headlines trumpet "Mosque to be built on Ground Zero." But even without all the hype from the right (I know who got in planes and flew them into the twin towers, it was radical Islamic terrorists), heck, the TRUTH of the situation doesn't sit completely well with me. . . I'll admit that. But, to create a groundswell of support to have construction stopped - even if the neighborhood wants it, and many outside, because of an intolerance for Muslims and Islam, band together to have it forbidden, it is a slippery slope we are facilitating. . . Let me give some examples of what MIGHT be:

What if one more "Christian" kills another abortion provider, and then "Christianity" becomes pegged as something that needs to be truly corralled?
Why do we allow Catholic churches to exist when Timothy McVeigh was Catholic (OK, that's a bit of a stretch, because McVeigh never claimed he was "doing it" for Jesus. . . but he was Catholic)?
How about this one - do you remember that pharmacist, Robert Courtney - he owned a pharmacy out at Research Medical Center, and diluted chemotherapy for cancer patients - people DIED - and he did it to make extra money. He was a Christian, very active in his church. One of the reasons he did it was to support a building program at his large evangelical church to which he had committed big dollars. So, should all Christians have their incomes scrutinized, especially those that give to their church?
Ever hear of the Crusades? There are plenty of examples in modern and historical times. . .

There are lots of HORRIBLE things that have been done by zealots for their faith. . . including fringe elements claiming to represent the Christian faith. When people decide to allow the fringes of organizations, religious or otherwise to represent the baseline, fear, stereotyping, racism and other isms begin to take over. That is not the solution here. We need to target TERRORISTS. Not Muslims.

So, to summarize my primary concerns around this issue: my first is how those opposed to this are "spinning" the truth of what and where the facility actually IS to fan the flames of fear and hatred. My second is, if this is not about the consititution (as has been stated by many I have read). . .then what is? The First Amendment is either true and applicable, or it's not. . . To somehow say it's suspended here is the same line of thinking that led to Japanese internment camps in WWII. . .

I don't love the idea, but I love the idea of my religious freedom - to worship the God of the Universe and believe that He provided salvation and a way to live through Christ. I am a Christian. Proud to say it. Will never deny it. And to continue to have the right to do so, I think repressing other people - simply because of their religion (even though I think it is false and don't believe it myself) is not the best way to maintain that freedom.


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friends are a dime a dozen

I've been going through a trial so to speak. A lot of people have friends. I have friends too. There are some friends that you can spill your guts to and they will always be there for you. I am lucky to have quite a few of those. And it is to those friends I say thank you. I thank you for your support, your encouragement and even your admonishment.

You all already know who you are. You're the best.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Nitty Gritty

You find out real quick who your real friends and family are when it gets down to the nitty gritty. Some want to do the easy stuff but won't jump in when it gets dirty. Sure they can give advice and go out for a drink or dinner. But what about the trenches? Will you pick up the shovel? Didn't think so.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where were you?

Where were you when she needed someone to watch her dog? nowhere
Where were you when she needed a place to stay? nowhere
Where were you when she needed help moving her stuff? nowhere

But you can offer her advice.
Doesn't quite cut it in the long run. You can do the easy stuff but when it gets tough, where are you? nowhere

Nuff said!