Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hockey Fights and Fan Brawls

Hockey players, hockey coaches and yes, even hockey fans are such gentlemen aren't they?

Red Letter Christians-the catchy name is catching on

I just read a fantastic article written by Tony Campolo about what a Red Letter Christian really is and I consider myself to be a Red Letter Christian. Anyhow...for an interesting read (whether or not you agree or disagree with it) check it out here

Friday, October 26, 2007

Not the Same

I copied this from Bryant's Blog
This one goes out to ALL who judge others by what's on the outside instead of what's on the inside...

This is an explanation by Kevin Young of Disciple's song "Not the Same".

I'll never forget the time I saw a street preacher in Knoxville one night. I was so impressed that he was out there, and not ashamed of being heard that I had to go listen. I walked up and stood fairly close to him. As he noticed me, he began to preach in my direction, but not really look at me. He said some very good things. I stood there for a while, and then decided to leave. But before I left I went up to shake his hand and thank him for what he was doing. At this point the man said to me, "Son, how can you be of God when you look, dress, and smell like the world?" I was so shocked by his statement that I had to stop and think. I said "What do you mean?" He replied, "If you're a Christian, I can't tell you apart from any other sinner that is out here tonight." Then I said, "Well I'm sorry that you haven't been around me long enough to see the fruit of my life so you can rightly judge. But if we are going to judge only on appearances, then you look no different than every crooked thief on Wall Street in a suit and tie." Never forget that appearances mean absolutely nothing. Because Jesus is sometimes "disguised" as hungry, naked, in prison, and sick (Matthew 25: 35-36). For "Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

Fair To Midland - Dance of the Manatee

I tried to find a video that showed them performing live with a good sound quality. Couldn't find any. But I did find this very interesting video. Like I said, I liked them a lot and they were my surprise of the night.

Superb performance by Chevelle and a nice surprise

I got off work yesterday and tried to catch a couple of winks before getting ready for the concert. That didn't work out, because the dogs would not allow that. All they wanted to do was play when I got home.

Shannon went with me to this show and I was meeting two co-workers at the venue. I've talked before about how much I like shows at The Marquee Theater in Tempe because they're so up close and personal. I like to call it my favorite "sweaty concert barn". It used to be called the Red River Opry or something like that. But they turned it into a rock venue. Same building, all they really did was tear out the seats and the carpeting leaving you with a nice concrete floor and a room to cram as many people as possible into. My guess is it probably holds about 1000 to 1200 folks to be legal. But I swear I've been in there when they were probably violating the fire code with too many people in there.

Our night started out crappy when I saw brake lights ahead of me before I even got to Loop 101. It was a railroad crossing. The only problem was, there was no train, the stupid crossing arms came down and stayed down. After about 30 minutes of waiting it was a go. We dropped into MacDonalds for a real fast meal and headed down to the Marquee.

We got there about 7:15 and my friends showed up not too long afterwards. I introduced them to my daughter Shannon and we headed for a good spot near the stage. Shannon was supposedly meeting some friends there but they never showed up so she just hung around with us which was cool with me.

The first band came on and they were called The Tyler Read Band from Shreveport Louisiana and they were okay. Pretty talented, but I just didn't care for the musical style they played.

Now the next band was the surprise. They are called Fair to Midland and they are from Dallas Texas. I had heard a song of theirs on my favorite radio station (98KUPD-Arizona's Real Rock) called Dance of the Manatee. I loved the sound. The vocalist was phenomenal with a huge range. They had a very melodic rock sound with a bit of funk influence. The lyrics were very deep and poetic. After seeing them and hearing more of their stuff, I just might have to head out and get their CD. I'll try and find something on YouTube from them and post it.

And as always, the boys from Chicago Illinois, a little trio called Chevelle did not disappoint. I think this was the 5th time I have seen them and the second time in a year. They have been better each and every time I have seen them. I did not get to hear Family System, my favorite song, because we left a tad early. Due to the fact that it was almost 11:30 and I had to get up at 5 am for work. We only missed two songs, and guess what the last song was? You got it, Family System. Got home around midnight and didn't fall asleep until 1. My alarm clock scared the crap out of me at 5 am, but after a cup of coffee, a small breakfast and a shower, I was good to go. It's after lunch now, and surprisingly, I'm not too tired. But I have a feeling I'm gonna sleep very good tonight.

Be well folks. And say a prayer for those folks out in Southern California. We actually have a Fire Weather Meteorologist from our office dispatched out there on the front lines. I just spoke to her from the office this morning at our morning briefing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chevelle - Family System (Live In Chicago)

My favorite Chevelle song! It better be played Thursday night.

Chevelle - The Clincher (Live In Chicago)

Coming to the Marquee Theater in Tempe this Thursday night. It's gonna be INSANE! I can't wait.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Interesting night at the dropin center

Every Monday night the Youth hang out at the park in the Power Ranch Clubhouse area. We try to mingle with the kids in the park, hand out free sodas, free hot dogs, free hamburgers. Basically we just try and show them God's love. Awhile back we were going around handing out free freeze pops when a big fight was getting ready to go down between some skater kids and preps. The Amadeo youth just walked right between them as they were ready to throw down and started offering freeze pops to them. It was in the summertime so it was really hot outside too. Long story short, the fight never went down.

Tonight we arrived and the park was pretty crowded. I handed some of the guys a basketball and volleyball while I stayed in the clubhouse waiting for others to arrive. Bill made root beer floats and I then headed out to the park to see what was happening. Our kids were engaged in a volleyball game with some locals in the park. Some of these were "older" kids. By older, I mean they were probably in their 20's. The majority of them were older, but there were some teens in their group too. A lot of the locals were engaged in the volleyball game against the Amadeo kids and others were congregated on the basketball court, when I smelled the distinct odor of marijuana. I observed them smoking it and they did not seem to mind that me and the other adults were around either. I then noticed one of the kids playing volleyball and he had a joint tucked in behind his ear.

At this point I did not really know what to do so I just prayed silently to myself. In the end, I did nothing and just observed our kids loving on them. When it was time for us to end the game and go into the clubhouse we thanked them for the game and for sharing the court with us.

I think that we are doing a good thing in that park. The sad thing is, their group was high, and they kicked our ass in the volleyball game. I am proud of our group who did not judge these guys, but mingled with them and showed them God's love.


Excerpt from an article by Keith Giles published on the Ooze:

I've come to the radical conclusion that there is nothing secular. There is only the world we live in. This one, right here (look around you...yeah, that world), and nothing more. God created the entire world, and it's a fallen world I agree, but there is no "Sacred" or "Secular" division to this world, other than the artificially constructed one we've created to keep ourselves safe and comfortable and far away from "those evil sinners over there".

Another big revelation for you? We're all sinners. You. Me. That guy over there. Yeah, we're all evil. We all need Jesus. Not just those who don't attend your church or who vote Democrat or who read Harry Potter. All of us. Look it up, it's in the Bible.

So, at the moment, all I have is the fire in my gut, the passionate resolution in my belly, that I hate all things "Christianese" and I long to assist in the complete demolition of this man-made evil.

Read the entire article here


Excerpt from article in the BWC today:

I could share with you my views regarding homosexuality in this little diatribe, as I’m sure those on the left and the right want to know. But that misses the point here, because the point this last weekend isn’t what I think about the ethics of homosexuality. There’s something greater at stake. I’m incensed that ‘in the name of Jesus’ people would pour out hatred, ridiculous accusations, and incite their listeners to persecution and the denial of basic human rights for any people created in God’s image and loved by God. Such a rally is embarrassing, angering, and I for one, feel the need to go on record as declaring that no matter what the sexual ethic, or race, or gender, or religion, or political affiliation of my neighbor, my calling and commitment is to love and bless them in Jesus’ name. Anything less is a different gospel, and not good news at all.

Read the entire article here

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My fun weekend

My sis-in-law and I went to the home opener of the Phoenix Roadrunner's 2007/2008 hockey season. We had a blast. The game was good, hard hitting and the Runner's won. They also won again last night and play again this evening. I liked the way the team looked this year. They were very aggressive and fast and were not afraid to take the body at all.

Saturday I attended my friends wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and they both looked very happy. I was able to meet Darrel's twin sister, his brother, and their 80 year old mother. The reception was out in Queen Creek at bride's sister's house and they had a lot of land. The day was absolutley gorgeous, in the 90's. They had rented a very large open air tent or canopy, and as long as you were in the shade, it was very comfortable with a gentle breeze blowing.

The best part of the reception for me was sitting by, talking with, and getting to know Darrel's 80 year old grandmother. This was an amazing lady who leads a very interesting life. She actually lives in a houseboat on the San Diego Bay. She has been there for years. They told me she was senile and drank a lot. She was drinking at the reception but not to access that I could tell. She held conversation real well and loved to tell stories. At one point she asked me if I would go get her a beer when I went to get one for myself. I told her that I had not had a drink in 7 years, but that I would gladly go get her a beer while I went to get a diet coke. When I came back she asked me what made me quit drinking and I told her my story. She was fascinated by my story and then started talking about her minister friend where she goes to church at a non-denominational community church in Balboa Park. She told me that I was a nice guy and that it was God who had touched my life. I told her that that was true. I could go on and on about Muriel (that was her name) but she really was the highlight of my day that day. I had never met her before but had heard lots about her. Before I left I told her that it was a pleasure to have her company at the reception and that I was leaving. I asked her if I could give her a hug so I bent down to hug her and she gave me a big kiss and whispered in my ear to stay close to God. I smiled, and told her to do the same and that the next time I am in San Diego that I would go to the San Diego Bay to see her and her houseboat. I saw God in this little old lady that seemed like just the nicest person on earth when I was warned not to sit by her or let her bother me. How sad, because this lady had lots of wisdom in her stories.

Last night I watched some great fights on the UFC PPV event "Hostile Territory". Franklin fought a rematch with Silva in his hometown of Cincinnati and ended up getting his assed kicked again. Silva deserves his title and proved it last night.

This morning, I taught the little 3 and 4 year olds at church. Meredith B. came and helped me out as we told what happened to Adam and Eve when they did not obey God.

Patty should be home anytime from the Women's Retreat up in Prescott. I hope and pray that they were all minitered to and that they had a nice relaxing time away.

I had a call from some good friends of ours at VCCG that were looking for some Biker type people to talk to somebody that is having problems. Why who else but Biker Jon from Amadeo would be perfect for this. So I am in the process of getting them connected.

Be well, be nice to everyone you come across, and be MoVeD by God's love!

Friday, October 19, 2007

A few blurbs about what's going on in my life at the moment.

Wednesday I went to the wedding rehearsal and dinner afterwards. The practice went well and the bride is absolutley excited. My good friend Darrel, whom I have known for almost 14 years is getting married on Saturday and I am honored to be a part of his wedding. The dinner was absolutely fabulous and I had two of the best Chile Rellenos I have eaten in a long time.

Thursday I had to go out to one of my coop stations from work and pull out some old equipment. This morning I am a little bit sore from the lifting, carrying and throwing. It sucks getting old. I'm really not in that bad of shape. It's just when you use muscles that you normally don't use, they don't like it.

I took an annual leave day today to use some of my use or lose vacation time before the end of the year. So Patty and I slept in. She had the day off today too and is leaving with a bunch of the ladies from Amadeo this afternoon for a women's retreat up in the Pines in Prescott. I am sure they will have a blast and it will be a great time of fellowship, ministry, worship and prayer together.

Hannah's business proposal was approved so she will now be able to move to Mexico in January where she will be able to work from there, and devote the rest of her time to the orphange and the kids down there. This means that Patty will now take the lead in the monthly trips to the orphanage with my help and assistance where and when I can. This is a huge answer to prayer for all involved.

Tonight I am going to the Phoenix Roadrunner's home opener with my sis-in-law. I have turned her into a hockey fanatic. The Roadrunner's are our local AA hockey team where the guys love the game and it ain't about the money. It is a developmental league and the games are actually affordale to attend without breaking your bank account. Tonight we are sitting at center ice, 11 rows from the ice behind the penalty boxes. I am looking forward to a great time and lots of fisticuffs :-)

Tomorrow is the wedding at 11 am with the reception immediately afterwards. Then in the evening, a huge PPV mixed martial arts event, "Hostile Territory" UFC event.

Sunday is Patty and I's turn to teach the 3 and 4 year olds at Amadeo, but Patty will be with the ladies up in Prescott, so one of the youth girls, Meredith B. has stepped up to the plate and will help me Sunday morning.

Thursday Oct 25th brings another ear blasting concert to town with one of my favorite bands, Chevelle. This trio hails from Chicago and I have followed them from their beginning. They get better everytime I see them and Thursday night will be no different I am sure. Again, it will be at one of my favorite venues, the sweaty confines of The Marquee Theater in Tempe, where the shows are always up close and intimate.

Mid November brings another trip to the orphanage that I get to go on along with a friend from work and her husband. She always enjoyed my stories about the kids at the orphanage and they have stepped up and sponsored some siblings there.

October 27th I look forward to lunch with Robert where he will be talking to me about a class coming up about teaching. I had brought it up to him in the past and God has been speaking to him about it. I always enjoy the youth and am more of a mentor and relationship type person. My weakness is in the teaching area. So I am looking forward to where this might be taking me in the near future.

Be well, be nice to everyone, and be MoVeD!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Benny Hinn parody

Geez...I hope I don't get in trouble with this. But it was just way too funny.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

The Bachelor Party

So I went to the Bachelor Party last night at a place in Tempe called The Tilted Kilt. An Irish/Scottish Pub with waitresses that dress pretty skimpy. It was okay I guess. I got there a bit before the groom and two others. They are actually both his sons. This will be his second marriage. His brother did not make it. I was doing okay until they started doing "car bombs". Let me tell you what that is. It is a shot of baileys and a shot of some Irish Whiskey that is dropped (yes the shot glass and all) into a glass of Guiness and then chugged. I'm normally pretty comfortable at places where there is alcohol being served but there is usually something else going on like a concert or sporting event or something like that. These guys were there to get as drunk as possible as fast as possible.

So the bottom line is, I ate, had a couple of diet cokes and then I left. And I'll tell you what, I did not have a headache this morning. :-)

Friday, October 12, 2007

The God of Losers

I am reading this excellent book by Shane Claiborne called The Irresistible as an ordinary radical. This part just hit me between the eyes and it is really what I think we should be doing.

Whenever someone tells me they have rejected God, I say, "Tell me about the God you've rejected." And as they describe a God of condemnation, of laws and lightning bolts, of frowning gray-haired people and boring meetings, I usually confess, "I too have rejected that God."

I've met a lot of Christians who say, "If people knew about all my struggles and weaknesses, they would never want to be Christian." I think just the opposite is true. If people really knew what idiots we are, in all our brokenness and vulnerability, they would know that they can give this thing a shot too. Christianity is for sick people. Rich Mullins used to say, "Whenever people say, 'Christians are hypocrites,' I say, 'Duh, every time we come together we are confessing that we are hypocrites, weaklings in need of God and each other.'" We know that we cannot do life alone, and the good news is that we don't have to. We are created for community.

Bono, the great theologian (and decent rock star), said it like this in his introduction to a book of selections from the Psalms: "The fact that the scriptures are brim full of hustlers, murderers, cowards, adulterers, and mercenaries used to shock me. Now it is a source of great comfort." Consider King David, whom many Christians remember as a man after God's own heart. Well, David breaks just about every one of the Big Ten Commandments in about two chapters of the Bible-he covets, commits adultery, lies, murders (and this all after he answered God's call)-and yet he is still one of the losers God trusted and used. Matthew's Gospel gives us the genealogy of Jesus, which could compete with any of our families on the dysfuntionality thermometer. One of my favorite parts is when Matthew gets to the section of the genealogy that involves David's infamous sex scandal with Bathsheba, he makes sure we all remember everything that went on there. (David had Uriah killed.) What a mess! So if that is the Son of God's lineage, none of us can be too bad off. No wonder people were always asking about Jesus, "Whose kid is this? Isn't he from Nazareth?" Galilee was the hub of peasant revolts and uprisings. It was notorious, the badlands. Whenever people call our neighborhood the Badlands, as it is commonly referred to by locals, and they imply that nothing good can come from here, I remind them that that's exactly what people said about Nazareth, and look what showed up there.

Consider the fact that Jesus tells parables like the one about the Good Samaritan. Look at the hero-a Samaritan? Jews did not like Samaritans, thought they had some whacked out views about God and worship. They wouldn't even walk through Samaria. But Jesus tells a story in which the Samaritan is the hero and the priest is the loser who passes his neighbor by. That's the kind of thing that ticked the religious elite off.

I recently spoke at a large youth gathering. Afterward, a crowd of teenagers came up and asked for my autograph. At first, I laughed at the idea, but then my heart ached as they told me that they rarely got to actually meet the speaker. Each night, I stayed until all the kids were gone. We prayed together, told jokes, sat around and sang songs; it was incredible. And yet some still asked for autographs. So here's what I did. I explained to them that I would write them a note, and this is what I wrote: "This is not an autograph, because there is nothing special about me that is not also special about you. Never forget that you are beautiful, just like everyone else." Yeah, my hand got tired, but I think they began to get it. Rich Mullins used to say, alluding to the Old Testament story in which God speaks through a donkey, "God spoke to Balaam through his ass, and God's been speaking through them ever since." So if God should choose us, we shouldn't think too highly of ourselves. And we should never assume that God cannot use someone, no matter how ornery or awkward they appear to be.

A buddy of mine who is a fairly prominent youth minister just told me about a trip he took with a bunch of teenagers to one of those "mountaintop" spiritual retreats with lots of tears, confessions, and spiritual goose bumps. On the way up, the van had a flat tire of the worst kind-in the rain, no tools, a bad spare. As all the kids stared out the window, his temper escalated and went beyond the tipping point. He lost it and started yelling, cussing, and kicking the blessed thing. Finally, he was able to get the van going, climbed back in, and told everybody to shut up and leave him alone for a bit. A little embarrassed, they headed on to the retreat, with a few snickers coming from the back of the van. He said the retreat was the same as it was every year, with the worship, preaching, and altar call. But that year, something crazy happened. One of his toughest kids from the ghetto told him the week after they returned that he had given his life to Jesus. My friend was a bit stunned and asked him to explain how it happened. "Was it the messages, the altar call?" The young man said, "No, it was on the way up when I saw you cussing at the van. I thought, If he can be a Christian, I can give this thing a shot too."

There are so many people who are longing to be brought to life, who know all too well that they have done evil and long to hear not only of a God who embraces evildoers but also of a church that does the same.

Let Amadeo be that church. Be MoVeD!

Shane Claiborne Lives in community in the inner city of Philadelphia. You can read about his ministry at

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'll be back!

I am sitting at my desk at work right now waiting for traffic to die down a bit before I take off. I have to drive through the I-10 tunnel in downtown Phoenix and I hate doing that in my big work truck. It always feels like I don't have enough room to fit in the lanes. It's even worse when I have two semis on either side of me.

I forgot to mention that I am in a wedding next weekend. A very good firend of mine who I met when we first moved here 13 years ago is getting married on the 20th. He asked me to be in his wedding. His brother is the best man and myself and his two sons are the groomsmen. The bachelor's party is this Saturday night. Don't worry, I'm not drinking. It will be the first time I have ever been to a bachelor's party and will actually remember it. I'm sure we will have a great time.

I want to share something from a book I am reading when I get back. I will probably post it Friday evening sometime. Until then, be well, be blessed, do something nice for someone each and every day.

Be MoVeD!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hitting the road

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!! It's that time of year again. The brutal heat of a Southern Arizona is over and I get to hit the road and visit all of my cooperative weather observers. I'm doing the I-10 leg tomorrow heading as far west as Palm Springs Ca. and as far north as Parker along the Colorado River. I'll be back Friday afternoon sometime. This is the part of the job I love the most is when I get to get out of the office and go out and see folks that gather weather data for us and you.

Next week I'll be able to stay at home but will have some day trips to Casa Grande and Coolidge. I may even be able to meet up with my parents one of those days for lunch if it works out. We'll see. Patty and Shannon will be heading to Mexico this weekend.

Northern Ireland is shaping up. I have my first application in from one of the youth and we will be taking deposits, having a support letter party and planning our months ahead of fundraisers and missional things. I am also glad that I am in contact with the Project Serve folks now.

Be MoVeD!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bush's SCHIP Veto is Morally Unacceptable

As expected, President Bush yesterday vetoed legislation that would expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

At our religious leaders' news conference on Tuesday, I spoke of the issues at stake here.
Jesus made healing a principal sign of his ministry and of the presence of the kingdom of God. From a biblical point of view, it is simply wrong when health becomes a commodity and accessibility depends upon wealth. Until something is done to make universal health care a reality in America, millions of families will remain poor. SCHIP is one bill – one program – to help fix the health care problem. No bill is perfect. But a bipartisan group of legislators think it is a good bill in the right direction.

To veto the bill, with no alternative plan instead - to simply abandon millions of poor children, to leave them to a market system that is failing to provide health care to enough people - is simply morally unacceptable. We must not allow this to become an ideological battle over the larger issue of health care systems. This is about a specific program for poor children that a bipartisan majority believes is working. This is not about health care theories - this is about children. And now, overriding a presidential veto will become the next faith-based issue.

Read the rest here

Friday, October 05, 2007

The death of Carol Gotbaum

This is a very sad case, but in my honest opinion, I do not think the Phoenix Police Department did anything wrong here.

Airport Death

This case has drawn national attention. But the attention is being drawn to the Phoenix Police Department and the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's office. An autopsy was performed. I have a gut feeling that when they get the toxicology results back we won't be too surprised.

This lady was travelling to Tucson from New York to enter an alcohol rehab facility. My question is, why in the hell was she allowed to travel alone? There is a lot of questions that need to be answered about this. There was supposed to be some family friends that were supposed to meet her in Phoenix during the layover. They apparently never showed up. The lady went somewhere (supposedly for lunch, my guess is it was a lunch of the liquid variety) and did not make it back in time for the boarding of her flight. You can read the article for yourself in the link above.

There is another reason I am somewhat interested in this story. Back in 1995 I was deep into my addictions and my wife had left me. I wanted to go back to a rehab facility that I had been in a year earlier in St. Louis Missouri. I was so intoxicated at the time and cannot believe they even allowed me on the plane. All I remember is waking up at the St. Louis Airport passed out on a bench somewhere. Somebody from the rehab facility was supposed to meet me there. Somehow I made it there in a Taxicab. But I could have been robbed, mugged, or God forbid locked up in a cell and killed myself. I have no idea what decisions were made to have me board the flight by myself, but it should not have been.

I am sorry for Carol's death and I pray for her family. But please do not put time and effort into a frivolous lawsuit with your high priced lawyers. If the Phoenix Police Department did something wrong, then by all means let them be punished. I am sure they are sad about this woman's death and apparently they did all they could to try and revive her. But some blame has to be placed on the family for allowing her to fly by herself.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What will Dobson Do?

In this election, the leading Democratic presidential candidates are more conversant with scripture, Christian theology, and biblical ethics than the Republican candidates. (I, for one, would like to see a Bible drill between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Giuliani!) The Democratic candidates' interpretation of faith points them toward different policies than the conservative evangelical politicians of decades past, but theirs are Christian perspectives and passions nonetheless.
Of course, evangelicals like James Dobson will never support Clinton, Obama, or Edwards no matter how richly theological their vision. But while religion should never be a test for political office, people of any faith should cheer that the Democratic Party now appears to understand that American pluralism and politics benefit from open, theologically serious, and spiritually grounded leadership. And we all benefit when more than one party contributes to the conversation between faith and public life.

What will Dobson Do?


We take what we have and use it for the purpose of the kingdom. This is so simple, and yet it is profound. Rather than having a churchy appearance, it may seem rather insignificant and unimportant. As we grow in understanding the Father's heart, we learn to step into these ordinary moments of ministry as they happen in our life outside of church.

The above is an excerpt from an article I read about being a Charismissional church. Ben can correct me if I am wrong here, but I truly believe that Amadeo is a Charismissional church being moved by God's love.

You can check out the article here

What is wrong with these people?

They're greedy and only thinking of themselves. It is inhumane what occurred at this intersection yesterday. A man sitting at a bus stop with his groceries waiting for the bus. A truck swerves off the road hitting and killing him. The driver takes off. Another man sitting at the bus stop with the man that was hit saw the truck coming and was able to jump out of the way. He had groceries with him too. The driver of the truck taking off is bad enough. But what happened next is unbelievable tome, yet it happened.

The gentleman that was sitting at the bus stop with the victim immediately went to help the man who was thrown nearly 30 feet. Groceries were spread out all over the place at the scene. What did bystanders do to help? They stole all of the groceries! It's a sad sad world my friends.

Neighbors shocked over looting at hit-run scene in Mesa