Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Art Of The Enforcer.

NHL Hard Hits

Always keep your head up or the freight train will hit you!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Christians in the Crossfire Pro-war evangelicals have made exiles—and martyrs—of Iraqi believers.

A very busy November coming up

Man oh man! November is going to be busy for us.

Nov 1-3rd I am doing the I-10 portion of my weather site inspections from Phoenix west to Palm Springs CA and points North and South of I-10.

Patty and her sister will be flying out to PA on the 7th for their mother's funeral and returning the 13th.

I leave on the 13th for a training course in Kansas City and will come back the 16th. This will be great though because my brother Carl and his family live there and I will get to visit with them too. I will also get to check out my brothers band.

So Patty and I won't even see each other from the 7th to the 16th. We will be at Sky Harbor the same day on the 13th but I leave in the morning and she comes back in the evening.

The 17th-19th we're going to the orphanage in Mexico with Hannah and others who are going.

In between all of the above and work, there are a few hockey games we'll be catching in Nov. and teaching Youth at Amadeo at church on Monday nights. And then you have Thanksgiving on top of that, and I have the priveledge of working an evening shift that night. Guess I'll arrive at work sleepy with a full stomach!

Be Moved!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Maybe it's time to stop bullshitting God by Christine Goertzen

I was reading this essay by Christine today and it is so true. You can't B.S. God anyway, he already knows. But it is so great that you can present yourself to Him, flaws and all. He will accept you just the way you are and will flood you with all of His grace and His mercy.

The essay

Patty's mom passed away this morning around 4:30 am Arizona time. She is no longer suffering and in a much better place. Patty and her sister Maureen will make flight arrangements today sometime. Please pray for them as they grieve the loss of their mother. Thanks!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I found this article today online in a local newspaper. It's about a guy named Marc Adams who is an activist that speaks to anyone who will listen about the persecution of the GLBT's. I found what he had to say quite interesting. He is the son of a fundamentalist Baptist preacher and founder of an organization called HeartStrong.

Activist works with gay students

Friday, October 27, 2006

So God continues to bring people into my life that have addiction problems. I received 2 phone calls today asking for advice about helping someone with drinking problems. One was a good buddy from VCCG who has a guy staying with him at his house right now. In fact, it is the same guy I blogged about not too long ago that him and I went to visit. Anyhow, the good news is that the guy may be open to getting into Teen Challenge. But he will have to do something and start spreading his wings instead of just mooching off of other people. I believe we should help people. But they have to want to help themselves also, and if they don't, then sobriety will not last long. Father God, I pray for this guy, that You would convict him and heal him from this alcoholism that has ruined his life.

Then I received another call from a co-worker who saw me go through what I went through with all of my addiction problems. But she also sees where I am at now and we've talked about it in the past. Well she has a cousin that was going to come stay with her and her husband. He is 27 years old and has been in and out of rehab too many times to count. Well he just rear-ended someone in his car the other day and yes, he had been drinking. So there goes his job, his license and his car. Anyhow, my co-worker just wanted advice and I told her what I would do in that situation. I also told her I would be more than happy to speak with him. So we'll se what happens.

Patty's mom is still fighting. Still not eating or responding to anything. Patty and her sister are doing well despite the inevitable, that their mother is dying. Just pray for them and also pray that their mother will not be in any pain or suffer at all.

Be Moved!

Tony Campolo wrote an excellent post on the myth of democracy in Iraq and I would have to say that I agree with what he has to say. If you care to read it, here it is.

Myth of Democracy in Iraq

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I don't know much about this guy yet and have to do my research to get the facts. But here is an article about this Obama guy that may make a run for the Democratic ticket.

Obama and the God factor

So Ben...When is Amadeo going to start singing U2 songs for worship? Check out this article. Very cool!

Episcopal 'U2-charist' uses songs in service

Please pray for Patty and her sister Maureen. Hospice called again last night and said the end is very near. As a matter of fact, they did not expect her to live through the night. We took Patty's cell phone to the bedroom last night but the call never came. A friend of Dot's (Patty's mom) is with her now. Patty and Maureen have already looked at flights and found one for $225 round trip into Wilkes Barre PA. but they have not purchased it yet. Pray that the price stays the same. We have known this time was coming, but Dot is hanging on. Just pray that she is in no pain and pray for Patty and Maureen as they go through the grieving process.

Be Moved!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I love how Dan Kimball describes "repentance" in this post in the Kingdom way and not the "turn or burn" way.

The Joy of Repentance

Monday, October 23, 2006

So time for an update on personal stuff.

We had a great weekend. Patty and I participated in the makeover of a member of Amadeo's apartment. The person is wheelchair bound and a lot of folks pitched in to get things done. New drywall, painting, total cleaning, some new furniture. You can check out some of the pictures on Amadeo's blog. Amadeo Blog

It was also opening weekend for the ECHL and Patty, myself and her sister Maureen have partial season tickets. So wen attended the games this weekend. The Roadrunners now have an affiliation with the Coyotes this year and they are putting a much better team on the ice. I was quite impressed with what I saw this weekend. I am looking forward to a winning season and they are off to a fantastic start. Which is way more than we can say for the Coyotes this year.

Patty and I have decided to take on the Youth at Amadeo full time. We look forward to working with and alongside them.

My counseling with my friend continues to go well and he has stayed clean and sober and is doing great so far. Please continue to pray for him. I meet with him on a weekly basis and we have been going through the Living Free book together which takes 9 weeks to get through. he has been doing the work and things are looking up for him. Also, he has not missed a day of work since he has been out of detox, which is a great sign. He had been missing a lot of work when he was into his addiction.

We have sponsored a child at the orphanage in Mexico and we will be going down there with Hannah in November. I look forward to meeting him. His name is Jesus.

Amadeo is going great and we will be moving into the Power Ranch Elementary school in December and begin having services on Sunday mornings. To tell you the truth, it has been kind of nice having services on Monday nights though. While it seems kind of strange not going to church on a Sunday, you get to do other things.

I will be attending a training course at the National Weather Service Training Center in Kansas City on Nov 14th-17th. My brother and his family live there so I will get to see them again and that will be nice. I will also get to see my brothers band the Hymnots. They are performing the 13th and I arranged my flight to get in there late that afternoon so I can see them.

Patty's job is going great so far. She is a much happier person now and is in a place where they actually appreciate what she brings to the workplace. Her work ethic is second to none and she was really frustrated at her last job.

Shannon enjoyed her Fall break from school. She dropped her pre-calculus class though because she was failing and did not want it on her transcripts for college. It is not required for graduation but it is required for a University. But she will be attending Community College the first couple of years so she can make it up then. Pray that she can decide what she wants to pursue because right now I don't think she has a clue. Her driving is going great. No tickets or accidents. :-) We have also allowed her to have 1 person in the car with her now. So far she has followed all of our rules and has done great. Things will be fine as long as I don't have to be in the car when she's driving :-)

Patty's mom has taken another turn for the worse. Hospice called on Friday and said she has stopped eating and sleeps all the time now. They also think that she has suffered some sort of a stroke because she doesn't talk well and one side of her face has drooped. But she is being kept comfortable and pain free and that is all we can ask for. we do believe that she has made a decision for Christ and that is the bottom line. Christ will take her home to Paradise and her suffering will be over.

That's all the news from our house to yours. Be Moved by the Love of God!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Amy Sullivan: In Good Faith

A few weeks ago, Jim Wallis pledged that we who write about the Religious Right--including those of us on this blog--would not treat them the way they have treated us. Which is to say, we will always keep in mind that, as I'm constantly reminding my mom, even Karl Rove is a child of God and should be treated as such.

That does not, however, mean that some of us will be shy about pointing out instances when our interlocutors on the right seek to muddy the facts, engage in hypocrisy, or speak about us in decidedly un-Christian terms. And before you start yelling "Plank in your eye!", I spend much of my time--some would say too much--taking folks on the left to task when they use stereotypes to describe religious conservatives or question whether people of faith should be involved in politics. Pointing out a few optical specks on the right is hardly unfair.

Let's start with Ralph Reed, who engaged in a mostly thoughtful and civil dialogue here with Jim last week, but who started the exchange by declaring himself shocked that anyone would think all religious conservatives care about is abortion and gay marriage. Where would anyone get that idea? And while he's right that many evangelicals, particularly in the grassroots, care about issues like poverty and human trafficking and the environment and health care, it's just disingenuous to argue that the leaders of the Christian Right publicly promote a broad agenda.

The three Justice Sundays so far have been about abortion and gay marriage and installing judges who would outlaw both. A letter the Alliance Defense Fund and Family Research Council sent out last week encouraging pastors to get involved with political issues mentions two, and only two: sanctity of life and protection of marriage. Ditto the material for the Values Voters Summit last weekend. Even Rick Warren, whose agenda has broadened quite a bit since the 2004 election, sent out a voter guide in November 2004 that highlighted five issues: abortion, abortion, gay marriage, human cloning, euthanasia.

If the leaders of the Christian Right decide that it's most important to focus directly on abortion and gay marriage, that's completely fine. But they shouldn't pretend otherwise, nor attack as uncharitable and dishonest those who question that decision.

True evangelical faith cannot lie dormant. It clothes the naked, it feeds the hungry, it comforts the sorrowful, it shelters the destitute, it serves those that harm it, it binds up that which is wounded, it has become all things to all people.
- Menno Simons

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I've been drunk in my lifetime, but I can honestly say that I've never taken a dive into a urinal trough.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The AFA spreading the love again!

Okay, here goes a rant again. I log onto my email this morning and my inbox has an email in it from an address that I recognize. Yes, someone from the church that I left two years ago. Anyhow, it was from this guy that is always sending me these "form emails" to sign against something that they don't believe in. This is exactly what is WRONG with the AFA, and all of those religious right-wing-nuts.

The boycott of the day was against Ford for some crap about supporting homosexual marriage. Now don't get me wrong here, I do not support homosexual marriage. But to boycott a company, to me and in my opinion, is NOT loving your neighbor as yourself. I just don't believe that Jesus would do this. I believe He would LOVE them.

I get sick and tired of some of my non-christian friends coming to me and stating that if that is what being a christian is all about, they don't want anything to do with it.

So to the AFA, Dobson, Robertson, Falwell, etc...
Please take God out of your so called petition or boycott. While you're at it, please don't use the term Christian in any of your "action items".

End of rant!

Be Moved by the Love of God!

Community is first and foremost a gift of the Holy Spirit, not built upon mutual compatibility, shared affection, or common interests but upon having received the same divine breath, having been given a heart set aflame by the same divine fire, and having been embraced by the same divine love.
- Henri Nouwen

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Patty got back in town Sunday night. Her and Maureen had gone to see their mother who is in hospice in PA. They had a nice visit with her. They said the hospice people were wonderful. Patty said that her mom probably only weighed about 80 pounds now. She is being kept comfortable and gets pain medication whenever she needs it. I am glad that Patty and her sister got to make this visit before their mom passes on. It will give them some closure.

Patty started her new job Monday and seems to like it so far. Way less stress than her old job. I can tell in her moods that she will do okay with this one.

Shannon is on Fall break so no school for her all week. Hopefully she can get some more hours at her job.

I went to Banner Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale to see Jeff's friend David. He wasn't too receptive to getting into any kind of treatment program but he did allow us to pray for him and with him. Jeff gave him his phone number and told him to call when he got released from the hospital. We'll see what happens.

This weekend is HOCKEY TIME IN ARIZONA! The Roadrunners open their season this weekend and we have partial season tix so we will be at the games this weekend and also Tuesday night.3 games in 4 nights. Right on!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Received this email this morning from a friend of ours............

We received an email from a family friend from CO-her son David is in Banner Thunderbird hospital-has been homeless,living in the park & an alcoholic..he collapsed(passed out) an an ambulance was called.His extra clothes were also, stolen/taken from the park.My husband Jeff is taking him clothes tonight at the hospital & offering a ride to Teen Challenges 13 month rehab program..please join us in prayers as God will be able to use this situation & that David will be willing to get help.Was raised in an RDL church & resistant to God.Jeff has not seen him since they were teens & is praying God will lead him in this endeavor.

God Bless & Have a GREAT day,
Patricia F.

Jeff and I are pretty close so I called them right after I read this email. He was actually at work but I did get to speak with Trish. Jeff is going to the hospital tonight when he gets off work to bring David some clothes, and bathroom items. I won't be able to go with him because I am stuck at work until 10pm. But I did tell Trish that I will help in any way I can. So I am going to call Jeff after I get off tonight and we'll figure out what to do from there. For now, pray for this guy David. I am told he is 39 years old, lost his family and kids due to his alcoholism and also lost his job. Sounds like he needs a miracle but God can heal us today.

Be Moved!

Friday, October 13, 2006

How ironic

I read the Milwaukee newspaper online because I used to live there. I ran across this article today. It is so ironic to me because of several things. The guy was a juvenile when he had his first DWI and it was in Waukesha County and I have even stood in front of Judge Resheske back then. The guy was able to maintain his work ethic while continuing his addictions, something that I was able to do, which amazed even my dad. This guy is 44 years old and I am 45. I do not recognize his name but we were both in Waukesha County at the same time. Luckily I got my act together, otherwise I could have been this guy. Tragic for this guy. But maybe he'll come around in prison. I am definitely going to pray for him. Just thought I would share it.

FRIDAY, Oct. 13, 2006, 1:40 p.m.
By Dan Benson
12-time drunk driver sentenced

A West Bend man was sentenced Friday to 4 years in state prison for his 12th drunk driving offense by a judge who was the prosecutor in the man's first brush with the law as a juvenile in 1979.

"Hopefully, I will be involved in your last," Washington County Judge David C. Resheske, who was Waukesha County's juvenile prosecutor in 1979, told Kim F. Liebrecht, 44, before sentencing him to the maximum allowed by law.

But, citing a 27-year record of alcohol and drug abuse and criminal activity, Resheske said, "There is nothing in this history that makes me optimistic that it is going to be the last."

Liebrecht pleaded guilty in August to attempting to flee or elude an officer and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Both are felonies.

According to a criminal complaint, Liebrecht was stopped by a Germantown police officer about 8:30 p.m. on July 2 while traveling south on Highways 41/45 at Lannon Road. While the officer was checking Liebrecht's driving record, Liebrecht drove away and led the officer on a chase that reached speeds of 110 mph into Menomonee Falls, finally exiting at Silver Spring Drive.

Liebrecht headed west on Silver Spring, and Milwaukee police joined the chase, which again exceeded 100 mph. Liebrecht was stopped in the 15300 block of Silver Spring Drive after running over spike sticks, puncturing his tires. Liebrecht had a blood-alcohol level of 0.17. The state considers 0.08 to be evidence of intoxication.

Washington County District Attorney Todd Martens asked Resheske to give Liebrecht the maximum sentence."I don't think the maximum allowable sentence is adequate to do justice, but it's all the law will allow," Martens said.

A tearful Liebrecht apologized "to the court, to my family and to the community. I'm done being a disappointment ..."

According to a pre-sentence investigation, Liebrecht has been able to maintain steady work and was described by his former employer and ex-wife, who were in court Friday, as "leading a pro-social and productive life despite his addiction to alcohol and drugs."

William Mayer, Liebrecht's lawyer, quoting from the pre-sentence investigation that Liebrecht's friends and family, including his ex-wife, consider him to be "hard-working, responsible, dependable, caring, loving and warm-hearted."

You wouldn't expect those characterizations to be present in someone with 12 OWI convictions," Mayer said.The judge called Liebrecht's work history "surprising" for someone with such serious substance abuse problems."

But bottom line, you are a danger to the public," Resheske said. "If this conduct continues, you will end up before me or some other judge for homicide. I'm not going to have it on my conscience that somebody died because I didn't do what I could to protect the public."

Patty arrived safely

Patty and her sister arrived safely to Philadelphia last night and their dad picked them up. She called me on my cell phone at work. She also called me this morning after they went to see their mom. She said she weighs about 90 pounds. They had a good visit with her and the hospice nurse came in to give their mom some more morphine because the pain was getting bad. Then she fell asleep so Patty and her sister went to the funeral home to make arrangements. Patty was doing okay but her sister Maureen was having a tough time. Please continue to pray for them and their mother.

My buddy that I have been counseling is doing great. I am very proud of him and he should be proud of himself.

I received a call yesterday from Donna. She is back in town now. Some of you may remember me talking about Charles awhile back. He is in a VA facility in Glendale for 90 days and they are tring to get him approved for 60 more days. He is the one that I had to sort of let go of because he just continued to drink himself into oblivion. I will plan a trip out to Glendale to see him next week sometime.

Be moved!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Open Letter to James Dobson

Some goings on

Tomorrow Patty and her sister Maureen are flying into Philadelphia to see their mother who has terminal cancer. About a week ago the hospice nurse called them and informed them that the end was very near. They have spoken with her a lot by phone this past week and she is at the point now where she can't even hold the phone by herself. This will be a very tough time for Patty and Maureen as they will be saying goodbye to their mother, so please keep them in your prayers. Also please pray for their mother as she prepares to go home to the Lord and that she will not be in any pain. They are keeping her comfortable now with morphine. We do believe now that she has accepted Christ as her saviour and we praise the Lord for that. They are leaving tomorrow afternoon and their dad is picking them up tomorrow night from Philadelphia which is about 3 hours from where their mother is, but it was way cheaper to fly into Philly than any of the other smaller airports like Wilkes Barre or Allentown.

On a good note, I am going to see my friend that I have written about who was in detox about 4 weeks ago. I have been meeting with him and going over a Turning Point Living Free workbook with him. He has been doing great so far and I do believe he is going to beat this addiction. Pray that I may continue to be an encouragement to him and that he will allow the Lord to work in his life and heal him from his addictions. He has expressed to me that he has a hard time "hearing from or connecting to God". Those are his exact words. I have been praying that the Lord would show him His grace and mercy and to give him a complete deliverance from these addictions.

Be Moved!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Eowyn's Music Video

I saw these guys tonight at the Seventh Day Slumber concert that a few of us from Amadeo attended tonight. These guys rawk! Reminded me a lot of Flyleaf. Check them out.

Catalytic Conversations: A beautiful and messy kingdom.

This is an excerpt from a report that Marshall Shelley wrote after hearing Rick McKinley speak at the Catalyst Conference in Atalanta:

I heard McKinley for the first time this afternoon when he presented a lab on “This Beautiful Mess: a conversation on the Kingdom.” Most people, especially the Catalyst crowd, know McKinley as “the pastor of the church where Donald Miller of ‘Blue Like Jazz’ goes.” So I was somewhat surprised that Miller’s name was never mentioned during the introduction or the hour-long session. But McKinley didn’t need any borrowed credibility.

To the crowd of 300 or so, he offered a concise and provocative discussion of the relationship of the church to the Kingdom of God. This was theology, imminently practical theology.

“As pastors, we are tempted to build the church,” he said. “So we send out postcards to targeted Zip codes and we promote church programs.” But that misses the point, he argued. “Our job isn’t to build the church. We’re supposed to BE the church, and build the kingdom.” He emphasized that the kingdom is to be experienced NOW, on earth, as Christians exemplify godly living, but he also pointed out, as the recent school shootings demonstrate, that the kingdom is also “not yet.” God’s kingdom won’t be realized in its fullness as long as such sin characterizes our world.

He identified why many U.S. churches don’t “get” the kingdom. The first reason is our individualistic culture. Ours is a “me and Jesus” spiritual life, disconnected from Creation, environment, relationships, and our surrounding community. Another reason is our tendency toward dualism: church vs. culture; sacred vs. secular; spiritual vs. physical. And ignoring the integration of those elements.

McKinley acknowledges the importance of Christ’s atonement for the forgiveness of individuals, but as he emphasized, “The best expression of the church is NOT what happens on Sunday morning. It’s what happens in the world during the week. And that’s not something you can market.”

His most provocative statements focused on the Christian’s calling to love their neighbors, even if those neighbors don’t respond to Christ or clean up their act. He told of his church’s messy efforts to love those with addictions, mental illnesses, and other conditions that aren’t easily cleaned up.

“We’re not called to change people’s behavior; we’re called to love them whether they change or not. It’s up to God to change them.”

After the lab, hallway conversations were discussing how you can “love the addicted” without “enabling” their dysfunction and thus perpetuating their addiction.

If this is indicative of the level of conversation, this year’s Catalyst is embracing both theology and practice, and getting to the heart of the Christian calling.

Ben posted a very long post on his blog titled "Bereans or Pharisees?" I have cut and pasted the last half of it here. If we cannot love our neighbor, then we aren't doing it right. Too many churches get focused on doctrine, legalism, etc. I am glad to be part of Amadeo as this is where Amadeo is heading. Being moved by love! The Love of God. Good word Ben!

Here it is:

If our greatest commandments are to love God and love others - then studying God's scripture and gaining knowledge and insights can only be but one leg in our table, not the most important. Yes we will learn to love others by reading his word - but God warns us about putting our priorities and "chips," on the wrong bet. 1 Corinthians 13:2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing." Legalism is steep in spiritual disciplines - and light years away from the heart of God...do this, do that, you must know x,y and z.

There are all sorts of reasons to know the word of God and to to be able to speak the truth boldly (prophesy) and to be able to "fathom all mysteries and all knowledge," but if our exhortation to others to do these things are charged with "expectation," and not "love," then we too are "nothing." There is an order to the obtaining of the knowledge and mysteries of the kingdom and they must be first gained with a love of God and a dependence on the spirit, and they must be sent out as the spirit leads - not by a system.

Yes we plan and prepare and study faithfully - but then we listen to the spirit - and listen to the wide and varied needs of people according to the different place God has brought them - and we do our best to train them up---but our main goal is to love God and others according to the guiding of the Holy Spirit - not through a system. Maybe our system is a Sunday service, and small groups, and groups based on needs...and maybe our system is to teach practical bible knowledge, to engage people in acts of service, and to train them in evangelism by sending them on world missions --- maybe our system is one on one discipleship and maybe our system is to teach an Old Testament book and New Testament book each year, mixed with practical sermons and timely based sermons...and maybe our system involves classes for newcomers, old timers, and those young bucks ready to bash somebody's head with the word of God - young elks in rutting season - that need to be sent either to the back shed, boxing ring, or to seminary. We will have systems upon systems...and we can not blame people for these systems - because we are an insecure lot - we feel guilty and inadequate cause we don't know enough, and we feel guilty and inadequte because we don't do enough...and we are too afraid or too lazy to let the spirit guide us to our manna. We are self centered -wanting to get ourselves right with God as people are starving in countries we could be reaching out to them with the love of God.... We think we need to spend hours training our soldiers on the knowledge of the kingdom while we ignore our next door neighbor- we are worse then those "spiritual leaders and trained blind guides," who ignored the same needy one the good samaritan reached out to. We are busy gaining knowledge, acquiring wealth - and entertaining our own comfort level when Jesus is saying "keep it simple stupid," the laws and the prophets are summed up in "loving God and loving our neighbor as ourself."

And so...my dear church...let the love of God move you to study the:

Gospel: the good news of Christ

but also allow the love of God to move you in your:

service to others....don't be so heavenly minded (into the study of the word, that you are not the word made flesh) or so earthly minded (depending on the systems of man) that you lose sight of those the Holy Spirit is placing in your path to love in practical ways.

community...do fear getting lost in the Christian ghetto...

Church...loving those people at all different levels - listening to how the spirit is instructing you to bless each one in unique ways.

Culture...understanding how God is speaking through the people in their culture, time and place is key - the burning bush of our age may be the film reel of a secular humanist.

Worship...will we be more dedicated to worshipping of God or the studying of God...no it is not a competition, but there is an order of priority. We are to be worshippers in spirit and truth...and love leads to repentance - not a car-crash pileup of knowledge.

One last thing must be said about those elks who love knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom... we who are young have it as both a gift and curse that we want to see change and growth - and so we are best at criticizing those who have gotton comfortable, those who have wisdom we have not gleaned yet, and those who have accepted compromise in their own life. And we are unable sometimes to see which ones are wise and which ones have accepted something less than the best. The result of this is we will (as young bucks) act like knwo-it-alls imposing our current world view on everyone in our path - and thinking what idiots they are since they do not have the "enlightenment," we have. And there is no cure for it - other than time, experience, and social skills - even confrontation time and time again will not cure us who are young and idealistic - those of us who others look at and say sarcastically, "look who think he is knows so much?"

Here is a word from another website:

What if we're called to listen more than look. What if more pastors started listening to what God is doing in the lives of his people... and helping them to listen as well.

That's the way it is in the church. Many many many pastor's love rules instead of Jesus. We love theology more than scriptural truth. We stand on our degree's instead of a love of God. yeah we're prostitutes, yeah we're stuck, yeah we need an altar call instead of a new paradigm. Harsh? I don't think so. How many pastors are busy making their congregations twice the sons of hell they are instead of making disciples.

God break our hearts, let us see the world through your eyes, let your church awaken to your will and your desires for your Bride. May your Bride be faithful and beautiful. May she know Her Lovers voice and draw near to you. It starts with your grace God and the pastor's heart. Your kingdom come. your will be done.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Look what my dad found in his garage in Tucson!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


This is one of my favorite songs by Staind called Falling. Falling is easy, it's getting back up that becomes the problem. 6 years ago today I got back up and stayed up. Thank you Lord for your deliverance. Listen to the words to this song. And if you're falling, get back up! Peace and Be Moved!

I actually sent this from youtube to my blog on Sept 28th which was my actual 6 year sobriety date, but it took this long to get to my blog. Go figure.

Staind - Its Been AWhile

I think he is talking about a girl in this song but it could be about an addiction too. That's the way I interpret it anyhow. So this song I like to in relation to my recovery.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Tragic Times

These past few days have been horrible for some of the youth of America. School shootings I'm talking about. Many innocent people have lost their lives. Another one today in Pennsylvania and the details are just coming out now. It was very similar to the one in Colorado a few days ago but took even more lives. I cut and pasted a few news excerpts from Obie's blog that he posted today and he is absolutely right...Father please protect our Youth! I was asked to teach the youth tonight at Amadeo. It was kind of a last minute thing due to an emergency in someones family. But I definitely know what we're going to talk and pray about tonight. We don't really know why these things happen or have all the answers, but we can pray and turn to God for our comfort.

August 30, 2006: Hillsborough, NC
A 19-year-old was arrested outside of a high school after firing 8 shots at the school, injuring two students, around 1:00pm. The male was reportedly firing two guns. He was later charged with killing his father earlier in the day. The van he drove to the school contained ammunition, weapons, and homemade pipe bombs, according to reports.

September 27, 2006: Bailey, CO
A male gunman took six female high school students hostage, using them as shields throughout the afternoon. After releasing some hostages, the male shot at SWAT officers as they entered the classroom, and then shot a 16-year-old female hostage who later died from her wounds. The suspect then committed suicide.

September 29, 2006: Cazenovia, WI
A 15-year-old male student shot the principal of his Pre-K through 12 school after walking into the school with a shotgun and a handgun taken from his family's gun cabinet, according to reports. The male reportedly was confronted by the school's custodian, teachers, and students who tried to wrestle the gun away from him. The custodian said the male was a special education student who said he was there to kill someone. When confronted by the school's 49-year-old principal, the teen shot the principal in the head, chest, and leg. After being shot, the principal wrestled the male to the ground and swept the gun away. The principal died at the hospital several hours later. The teen reportedly had been harassed by other students and believed that teachers and the principal were not doing anything about it. The teen was said to have told another student that the principal "would not make it through homecoming." The teen was in police custody and will be charged as an adult.

October 02, 2006: Nickle Mines, Pennsylvania
A gunman killed "a number" of people at a one-room Amish schoolhouse Monday in Pennsylvania's bucolic Lancaster County, state police said. Exact number of dead and wounded has yet to be released. No details on the shooter are yet known

Father please protect our youth.