Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Patty got back in town Sunday night. Her and Maureen had gone to see their mother who is in hospice in PA. They had a nice visit with her. They said the hospice people were wonderful. Patty said that her mom probably only weighed about 80 pounds now. She is being kept comfortable and gets pain medication whenever she needs it. I am glad that Patty and her sister got to make this visit before their mom passes on. It will give them some closure.

Patty started her new job Monday and seems to like it so far. Way less stress than her old job. I can tell in her moods that she will do okay with this one.

Shannon is on Fall break so no school for her all week. Hopefully she can get some more hours at her job.

I went to Banner Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale to see Jeff's friend David. He wasn't too receptive to getting into any kind of treatment program but he did allow us to pray for him and with him. Jeff gave him his phone number and told him to call when he got released from the hospital. We'll see what happens.

This weekend is HOCKEY TIME IN ARIZONA! The Roadrunners open their season this weekend and we have partial season tix so we will be at the games this weekend and also Tuesday night.3 games in 4 nights. Right on!


Blogger Hannah said...

Awesome, I'm glad every seems to be doing better and you guys get to enjoy the hockey games. Very cool.

With Jesus, I will definitely tell him you will be down there next month and give him your pictures. I will give you some more pictures of him on Monday at Amadeo. The ones that Colene gives out don't seem to be the most flattering of them. :) You can totally bring him something down. They usually encourage sponsors to give their child a birthday and Christmas present. You can present it to him however you want though. Lots and lots of the kids will say "Eres el patrocinadoro de Jesus?" and then you'll say "si"... and then they understand that you're his sponsor and they're fine with him getting a special gift or little something. You'll be amazed as to how well you'll learn his name...By the way, Jesus is 10, but he's almost 11 as his birthday is on New Year's Eve. I probably should have just e-mailed all of this to you... but too late now. Let me know anytime you have any questions.

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