Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back Home Again!

I got back home tonight after a very tiring roadtrip for work. I had major problems with one of the rain guages at El Centro California. Wasn't really a major problem, if the batteries that I ordered were any good. I won't go off on a rant about the government at this point. I happen to work for them, but I don't really have to agree with the way they run things.

So I was done with all of my inspections and spent both nights in Yuma. I decided to run back out to El Centro again to check on things. Well I was headed back home on Interstate 8 and was in the area of the Imperial Sand Dunes. I'm driving 75 mph in my government truck, a Ford F350 with a Storage shed on the bed when my left front tire literally EXPLODES! Luckily there was no traffic around me because the vehicle immediately jerked to the left while my heart missed about 2 beats. I thought I was heading into the median and into the westbound lanes of I-8. But I did not panic. I did all the right things. I didn't step on the brake or jerk the steering wheel. I let up off the gas pedal, gripped the steering wheel tight and the truck started slowing down and I was able to guide it to the shoulder of the highway with chunks of rubber (the tread) flying everywhere. Now came the dilemma. It was on the drivers side which meant that if I were to change it there would be semi's and automobiles flying by me at 75 to 80 mph. I was not comfortable with that, so I called GSA to get help, however, this being a governmant agency, I could not get through to a real live person and all the representatives were "busy". For 30 minutes, and STILL no live person. I then gave up and used my own personal AAA card and within another hour I was fixed and on the road again.

Then came the real fun. I ended up at a Discount Tire Store in Yuma and tried to get a new tire. I did not want to drive all the way into Phoenix without a spare. Well after I finally found a tire and they were ready to put it on, GSA informs me that Discount Tire is not an authorized vendor. They told me to find a Goodyear Tire center. I was a bit miffed at this point and just left and drove back home without a spare.

Anyhow, not the most pleasant of endings on an otherwise okay trip. But I survived and God protected me during the blowout.

My friend is not doing so well. i am going to visit him tomorrow. He has been drinking continuosly since the last time I wrote about him. Keep praying for this guy. Thanks!


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