Monday, June 26, 2006

Meet James

James was the lowest functioning camper we had and also the oldest. He was a 17 year old autistic child and very low functioning. He had to wear adult diapers 24/7 and could not talk. He was fascinated by texture and touch. He would always want to touch your hair or your back. it was a gentle touch though. He carried around these small rubber snakes and lizards and would play with them all the time. He would hold them in his hands palms up and shake them around. Then he would drop them to the ground and touch them and repeat the whole process again. He did this all week. He would also put his chin on his right hand with his pointing finger on his temple almost like a "thinking" gesture. His diaper had to be changed at least 4 times a day and every single morning. His counselor was a senior in high school from Arkansas that was an all-state center on his high school football team. This was a great kid and I would have to give him the honor of counselor of the week in out cabin. His care and love of James was so fun to watch. He served James all week without complaint and was a true servant.


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