Thursday, August 17, 2006

So I have the day off today. I had been lax about the gym and my running throughout much of the summer just because the heat really bothers me a lot. But I have made a commitment to get back into it again and have done really good this past week. Just started a lifting and light running routine every other day to ease back into it. I would like to run a couple of half marathon's this winter. Our dog Peyton is ready to start running now and it will make it fun when I can take her out. I will ease her into it just like people have to do so she doesn't hurt herself.

Pray for Patty. She is struggling with work stuff. She submitted and application and resume to manage a top line hair salon. She was getting her hair done there the other day and the stylist mentioned that they were looking for someone. So she put in for it. patty is very good at what she does and would be an asset to the salon I am sure. while she was in Ireland she received several words from people specifically about her job situation.

I am really struggling in my relationship with my daughter so pray for me in that area. I know that teen girls have hormones and sometimes say things they don't really mean. But last night during an argument she really said some hateful stuff to me and it hurt me really bad. Stuff about the past. Plus, she's a teenager and is really in that rebellious stage. I remember at men's group one night when J had a word for me regarding this situation. I just have to let God be in control of it. I know I put my parents through hell and did much worse stuff and I turned out okay. It just took me 25+ years to get there and a good dose of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for Shannon too, that she will seek the Lord in her life and be the young lady that He wants her to be. I know it's tough being a teen these days so I know it is not easy for her.

Tonight, Patty, her sister and I are going to US Airways Arena to get a personal tour from the staff of the Phoenix Roadrunners Hockey Team and will look into getting season tickets or a mini season ticket package.

Tomorrow Patty and I are getting off work early and going to UFEST2 at Cricket Pavilion featuring Korn, Deftones, Stone Sour, Flyleaf and Direngrey. Doors open at 2 pm and the main stage acts start at 4 pm. There's a second stage that starts earlier but we don't really care about that. Patty really wants to see Flyleaf and they start at like 430. It's gonna be a very LOUD and hardcore night that I am very much looking forward to. I just hope the heat doesn't kill me. We do have reserved seats though and are under the canopy so we won't really be in the direct sun, but it will still be stuffy and hot I'm sure.

Be Moved by Love!


Anonymous Shannon said...

I am sorry for what i said but it is difficult bein a teenager

1:14 PM  

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