Friday, November 17, 2006

Back to the warm weather and my wife

I attended a training course in Kansas City the last few days. Flew out Monday and arrived back home last night at around 9:30. Patty picked me up at the airport and had a raging migraine. I felt so sorry for her and she slept the whole way home from the airport and went right to bed when we got home. She took a pill and went to sleep. She actually went to work this morning but still has remnants of the migraine. Pray that it goes away. She has had a hectic last few weeks with flying back to PA for her mom's funeral and all. So we have backed out of the orphanage trip this weekend and will spend some quality family time together. She did purchase Jesus Guerrero, the boy we sponsor, a nice shirt that I will take to Hannah before they leave this evening though and I will write him a short letter. We are going to get together with Hannah and arrange a trip down there on an off weekend with her in the next few weeks.

Patty said the funeral was very nice and she spent some time with her dad and stepmother too. Her dad went to the funeral and that made Patty feel good.

I flew into Kansas City Monday night and my brother picked me up at my hotel that evening. We went down to the City Union Mission, a men's homeless shelter. The youth group at his church was there that night to serve dinner to the homeless men and the youth pastor gave a short sermon. Before that, my brother's band the Hymnots, peformed a brief set. My brother on the sax, an awesome keyboard player and a drummer. All instrumental with impromptu solos too. They were very good and I was impressed. They will cut a CD real soon. I was glad I got to see them. I was also very impressed with this shelter. The men have to be sober when they stay there, and there were about 150 of them. It was awesome watching those youth serve these men dinner. After that I went out to dinner with my brother, his wife, my niece and two nephews. It was great to see them all again and I had a great time. I did not go speak to the youth group though. I was on the other side of town and a friend of mine from North Platte was possibly going to drive up to see me. I had not seen him in 12 years. It turned out he could not make it and I ended up just sitting in the hotel that night doing absolutely nothing. But it was colder than you know what anyhow. And guess what I forgot? Those things called jackets, that we don't wear here in Phoenix. The training center was right behind my hotel probably about 200 yards away. Tuesday morning wasn't too bad. But Wednesday morning it was in the 30's with the wind blowing about 40 mph. That walk to the training center was better than coffee for waking you up man. Thursday morning was in the 20's but no wind and actually felt better than the previous morning.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be back to the warm weather and especially glad to be back home with my wife.

Oh, and a shout out to Obie! Thanks for the ride to the airport Monday. You rawk man!

Be Moved!


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Busy, eh. Glad you're back home! god bless you!

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