Thursday, November 23, 2006

Much to be thankful for

Today I reflect on what I am thankful for.

I am thankful to the Lord for His grace, mercy and forgiveness.

I am thankful for my beautiful wife of 19 years who is always there for me, in good times and in bad. She is a wonderful wife, mother and she's my best friend.

I am thankful for my dughter Shannon who is growing up into a young lady. I pray the Lord's grace, mercy and protection over her. I pray she will seek the Lord in all she does.

I am thankful for my daughter Jessica. I pray that the Lord will let her forgive me for the past and that one day our relationship will be restored.

I am thankful for my parents who have always been there for me and who prayed for me when I was going through rough times. They raised me well and I would not be who I am today had they not shown me what Godly parents really are.

I am thankful for my brother who gave me wise counsel in tough times. He has a beautiful family and I appreciate him.

I am thankful to Ben for showing me what missional ministry is all about. Not being absorbed in the christian ghetto and getting out into the nitty gritty stuff bringing the Kingdom to the people.

I probably left out a lot but these are what come to my mind off the top of my head at the moment.

I get to go to work on this Thanksgiving day but what the hell, at least I have a job that provides for my family. Some people don't.

May God be with all of you on this day and everyday. Enjoy and love on your families and be thankful for everything you have.

Be Moved by God's Love!


Blogger Missional Jerry said...

today is a day for us all to be thankful

12:25 PM  
Blogger Pinay said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

12:10 AM  
Blogger Carl Kincaid said...

Happy Thanksgiving Keith, and to Patty and Shannon and the mutts! I'm thankful for you, and thankful that we can be thankful for each other based on the middle part of our existences! God's Mercy is amazing. . . !

3:16 PM  

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