Friday, December 15, 2006

A great weekend coming up

A 4 day weekend for me. Yay! I worked a string of 7 evening shifts in a row with 1 day off then 3 dayshifts in a row. But today I took 4 hours of annual leave to extend my weekend even more.

Tomorrow a guy that I work with is hosting the office Christmas party from 1-6pm. He lives in a huge house out in Maricopa. we're going to show up right at 1 pm and leave at 3 because my folks are coming up from Tucson for the weekend along with my grandma. They will be at our house by 5pm and we're all heading over to The Vineyard Christmas Cafe at VCCG. Sounds like it will be a great time of worship and fellowship around a fire along with hot drinks and dessert.

Sunday morning we'll all go Amadeo in the morning. My cousin Jael and her husband Guillermo will drive up from Tucson that morning and meet us at Amadeo. After the service we're all going out to eat.

A co-worker of mine has been asking me about Amadeo and they may attend real soon. They're good peeps too.

Patty and I went over to Mark and Susan's house Wednesday night and had a great time of fellowship, discussion and prayer about the youth group at Amadeo. We wrote down all of the names of the kids on a board and prayed for each of them. January 8th we will meet at the Power Ranch clubhouse and each Monday night thereafter from 630-830 pm. We will hold a drop in center from 630-730 pm where we will serve the kids hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks and just hang out with them and love them. Patty and I will head up the drop in center portion and Mark said he would like to do the teaching so at 730 pm we will head to the clubhouse and get into God's word. At 8 pm we'll have prayer time for any needs the kids have and then we'll clean up.

We also have an event planned for the 22nd at Mark and Susan's house where we'll just hang with the kids, eat (Susan said she's making meatball subs yum yum!) and watch a movie.

January we'll team up with VCCG and head to Ragefest and check out the bands. I hear Project 86 is playing there and they're hardcore. Who wants to jump in the pit with a 45 year old crazy guy? See me if you're interested :-)

Then in Feb or March it is church Youth Night with the Phoenix Roadrunner's hockey team and we'll team up with Obie and VCCG for that too.

And some weekend I would like to take some of the Youth from Amadeo to CDE and serve those kids that Hannah and Susie serve with passion. I'll need to coordinate that with Hannah and Susie.

Don't let all of the busyness and craziness of this time of year get you all stressed out. Be still and listen to God's voice. Do something nice for someone. Talk to the cashier at the checkout stand. Talk to that neighbor you always see but never speak to. Bring someone dinner just because. Be moved by the love of Christ.


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