Friday, December 01, 2006

Monday night at Amadeo Patty and I had the Youth and got to know them a little better and really enjoyed their sharing with us. These are some great servants I'm telling you. We talked a lot about what we would like to do as a Youth Group and I told them basically what we would be doing for the first few months. That is, doing a drop in center and serving the youth at Power Ranch every Monday night beginning in January. We will serve them hot dogs and drinks and mingle with them for an hour, shoot hoops, skateboard, shoot the breeze or whatever. Develope relationships with them. Then for a half hour to hour or so we'll go to the clubhouse and dig into the word of God and share with them.

Robert taught the service Monday night for the large group and there was one thing he said that really touched me. We all want God to bless us and comfort us. But what are we willing to give Him? Are you willing to give Him everything? Robert used a great analogy. Our hearts have many chambers. Sometimes we say to God, "You can have this area here, and this one, and this one over here too. But this chamber I don't want you to enter into. I won't open the door to this area." God is knocking on the door in that area. If you don't open it, He won't come in. Give him EVERYTHING!

I went to 2 hockey games this week. The Roadrunner's are smoking hot right now. They had won 6 in a row and are currently in second place. They played Utah Tuesday night and last night. They beat them Tuesday night in a very physical game. So I was anticipating firworks last night. We got there at the tail end of the pre-game warmups and I could see the Phoenix players yakking at the Utah players. When they lined up for the opening face-off I saw the two wingers chatting with each other. As soon as the ref dropped the puck, their gloves were off and the fight was on. Immediately after that fight there were two more. Then they decided to play hockey after all of the scores were settled from Tuesday night. In the end they lost their first game in the last 7, but they are still in 2nd place. Ya gotta love minor league hockey man! Players playing for the love of the game and not the money.

Finally have a weekend off and am looking forward to it. First Sunday service for Amadeo is this Sunday and I believe great things are going to happen.

I also met this past week with the Pastor from the church we left a few years ago. We parted as friends even though we basically agreed to disagree. But I feel closure in this area of my life now and I thank God for bringing that to me as it has bothered me for quite some time.

Be Moved!


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