Friday, March 09, 2007

Sicker than sick

So my week started out well, work went well and I spent an entire day in a meeting on Wednesday. I am the union steward and have to sit in on a lot of meetings. Anyhow, I came home feeling great and Patty had gone out to dinner with the co-workers. Shannon was at work so I prepared a meal for myself and sat down to watch American Idol. Yes, I admit I do watch it and I actually enjoy it. Only after they get through all of the auditioning crap. So I ate my dinner, then sat down on my comfy couch to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home. Right when American Idol was over I stood up and it felt like the floor came up on me immediately. After that was waves of nausea and other things that followed that I won't go into detail about.

I guess it was a flu of the stomach variety. How can something like that hit you so fast? Anyhow, I made it upstairs to my bed and soon wore a path on the carpet bewteen the bed and the bathroom. I probably should have just stayed right in the bathroom. I went from feeling like I was freezing to death to feeling hotter than hell and breaking out in those cold sweats. My body ached all over.

When Patty got home she asked me if I was going to make it to work the next day. I told her I would wait until the morning to see how I felt. Well about a half an hour later I told her to call my office and tell them I would not be coming in. I just started to feel human today and it is late Friday afternoon.

Three words...Stomach Flu Sucks!


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