Monday, April 23, 2007

CDE trip this weekend

I can't tell you how blessed I was by the trip we took to the orphanage this weekend. Those kids are so special. I immediately connected with Jesus Guadalupe, the boy we sponsor, and it was so great to finally meet him and hangout with him. I spent a lot of time throwing the baseball with him and my right shoulder is feeling it today. I can't wait until we go down there the next time in May. Patty and I are going to go down on a regular basis now and help Hannah with all of "her" kids. You do know that she is a soccer mom to about 85 kids don't you? It was awesome to observe her over the weekend and see it in person. She is 100% devoted to loving those kids.

I was also proud of all of the Youth that went down there to serve this weekend. Each and every one of them did an awesome job. Thanks you so much to Marc and Andy Cornejo, Brianna Lee, Steve Bogumill, and Jaret and Madisen Shipman. You guys ALL rawked it down there and brought Christ's love to those kids and it showed.

Also thanks to Jeff and Trish Fields, my good friends from VCCG who went. You guys did an awesome job and a huge thanks to Jeff for the AWESOME breakfast Sunday morning.

A special thanks to Hannah for allowing us to minister to those kids and I am sure this is the beginning of a great partnership in serving those beautiful children at CDE. Your love for those kids is evident and God is using you in a very special way to bless each and everyone of those kids.

Thanks also to my wonderful wife Patty for her devotion to those kids. I knew when she got back from the trip the weekend before that God had a specific plan for her in serving those kids. She was just a totally different person when she returned and she so wants to be involved. She hates leaving them when it is time to go and she loves each and every one of them.

Patty has the photos on her camera and when she downloads them I will post some of them.

We are dealing with a family problem at the moment and I would ask each and every one of you to pray. It is too personal to give the details on this blog but please pray for us as it is not a good situation.

Also, please pray for my Grandpa Kincaid. He is having some major surgery today and he is in his 80's.

Be moved by Gods Love!


Blogger Hannah said...

I am definitely willing to share my kids so they can be yours and Patty's as well. :) There just isn't a single kid that I would not claim as my own.

You guys are awesome. I am looking forward to many future trips.

I will definitely keep your family in my prayers.

PS... I have always noticed that you write Jaret instead of Jared... Is there a reason for that? :)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I'm not much for prayers; but, I just said one. Be well.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

I appreciate that Dave. Thanks a bunch man!

4:03 PM  

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