Sunday, April 15, 2007

Taxes done

So I procrastinated this year and waited until the last minute to do my taxes. Patty and Shannon went to the orphanage this weekend in Mexico along with Hannah, Jaret, Meredith and Susan B.

This left me the house to myself and the time, uninterrupted time mind you, to do the taxes. Thank God for Turbotax. Anyhow, the taxes are done and already filed electronically.

I have been battling allergies this entire week. I've never been bothered by them as much as I am this year. But it is just miserable man. There were several articles in the newspaper this past week saying that those that are bothered by allergies right now, will have to suffer until the temps reach the century mark. Bring it on, if it will make me feel better. I don't like the heat either but I'll deal with it.

Busy week coming up. Road trip to my coop sites for work Wed-Fri. Then heading to the orphanage in Mexico over the weekend with Hannah and some of the Amadeo Youth.

Gonna kick back today and watch the second episode of the Sopranos final season. I think there are 9 episodes total. Great show man!

be moved!


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