Saturday, April 07, 2007

What to do on a Saturday night?

I just may have to go to the Mormon Temple in Mesa tonight for their annual Easter Pageant which I hear is very good. Our family doctor is actually in it.

But the main reason I want to go is to witness these so called "evangelicals" (they call themselves that but they sure are not acting like it) that stand outside the perimeters of the Temple spewing out damnation and hellfire to the people going to the program. Is this really accomplishing anything? I myself believe that the Mormon's have some very strange doctrine and could probably be classified as a cult. But what are these street preachers doing? Are they spreading the love of Christ to their neighbors? I think not.

So I think I may be heading down there this evening because I have never attended this program. And I would also like to chat with some of these street preacher folk, but in a non-confrontational way. Don't worry Ben, I won't wear my Amadeo shirt :-) and I promise to be nice. Seriously though, I am going to be loving and kind to the street preachers, and if it gets confrontational then I'm just going to walk away.

Faith, fury mix at Mormon temple

"It seems to me that standing outside of a person's church or worship center, be that the Mormon temple or a synagogue or a mosque, and use that location to condemn people because of the way they believe, because of the way they approach God, I think is totally, totally inappropriate in our society," Eppinger, a former Baptist minister, said.

"Christians, whoever they are, need to follow the teachings of Jesus, and when Jesus was asked, 'What's the most important commandment?' he replied the first was 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart' and second was 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' "


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