Saturday, April 07, 2007

A very steamy sweaty Sevendust show

So...we went to the Marquee Theater earlier this evening to see Sevendust. We got to the venue around 8 pm and were told that the parking lot was full. They told us to go over the bridge to Mill Ave and park there. Yeah right! On a Friday night? Are you kidding me? So we opted to park in the SRP parking lot which is where my office is and then just walked the mile to the Marquee. When we walked in the place was the most crowded I had ever seen it. Diecast was in the middle of their set and they were actually very good. We got to see them perform about 4 songs. We made it to the middle of the venue and stayed there for the next band...Red. Red is a christian band from Nashville TN and the have a song called Breathe Into Me getting heavy airplay on all of the rock stations. They were very well received by the Sevendust fans and we enjoyed their set. Oh, before I forget, four of us went to the concert tonight. Myself, Patty, Shannon and Meredith.

We opted to stay where we were for Sevendust when they hit the stage, but that didn't last long. The place was a steamroom and it was just way too crazy in the middle. The pit was pretty big and rough, but that is to be expected at a Sevendust show. So we headed towards the back and off to the side but it was still way too hot in the venue on this night. There were a lot of heat casualties being carried out, and I think alcohol and the heat had a lot to do with it. You can only fit so many people inside so much space and in my opinion, this show was way oversold. It was jam packed from front to back and side to side. I mean you could not stand anywhere without being right up against someone. Sevendust was great as usual. But the experience, at least for me, was just too uncomfortable to the point that I felt very claustrophobic.

After my ears quit ringing, I'm heading to bed. Nighty night folks.


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